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We had our ultrasound yesterday, ostensibly at just under 20 weeks. Baby is measuring 2 weeks behind, but everything seems to be present and accounted for, including being a very obvious BOY! I will have 2 sons! The tech said she'd present her findings to the midwives and they can discuss possibly moving my due date back. I certainly don't object to having an EDD later in January--it's not like he has a calendar in there
the only time so far we've managed to get an actual heart rate (as opposed to just hearing it for a short time before baby moved away) was at our ultrasound yesterday--154. Very obvious BOY.
My 2 year old son is intact, and the boy I found out yesterday that I am carrying will be intact as well.
Wish I could but even though we live nearby we can't justify the cost of getting in. ...curious, though... if we wrangled the money somehow, which single day would be best to attend? =)
I was nursed well into my toddlerhood (I'm not sure exactly how old, but beyond a year for certain) and I needed braces.
We're going to find out, baby willing, Aug. 19th. those of you who don't want to, if you are having ultrasounds--be sure to tell the tech up front that you don't want to find out! With Isaac, our ultrasound tech hovered over the area in question to ask if we wanted to know. Good thing we did, that boy was not shy and it was quite obvious
Yeah, they beat out Michelle--she's not due until New Year's I read about them earlier today myself.
What appeals varies so much from week to week, it's a wonder my husband puts up with me =) At the moment it's Taco Bell. I know, I know... but it sounds good. it tastes good. I can eat it without eating stuff on my personal no-no list (although ooooh I miss the cheese.) I'd be brilliant if I could just eat eggs and cheese... *sigh*
yaaay! keep on staying in there, baby!
My inlaws really don't have contact with my son. My mom comes and picks both myself and my son up to spend the day with us, ending in dinner with her and my dad, but OTOH I can't drive. I expect when I can drive I'll do the driving sometimes and sometimes she will. As my son is only 2 he really hasn't done anything without us with him other than the odd occasion when we will ask my mom to watch him while we do something without him, in which case we are asking the favor...
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