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Your description of yourself as a child sounds just like me, and, yes, my disorganization continues through the present day. I don't have any answers, but just want you to know you're not alone.
I have already this month bought 6 books we didn't need. Total, about $3.50. Just confessing.
Dropped off a bag of hand-me-downs at a friends' house today - at least 25 items. 120+25 = 145/2011.   I love seeing everyone's itemized lists! I'm not sure I'm going to be able to get that specific -- I'm afraid it will slow me down -- but I really love reading them.  
  I've sort of got a sense of doom here, seeing how easy it is for me to find things to toss... In 10 minutes of decluttering I found another 35 items to recycle/toss/donate. Old papers, magazines, infant items (baby is 2.5)... 85+35 = 120.     120/2011.  
I'm going to go ahead and count the 75 items I decluttered last week just to get myself started. Then I'll add more as I go... so...  vintage fabric, felted sweaters, sewing patterns (I don't yet sew), outgrown kids' clothes, too-small or too-big adult clothes... all donated. Expired medicines, empty boxes, expired makeup, etc., from the bathroom cupboard... tossed and/or recycled. Total =   75/2011.     Oh, wait! I just remembered that I donated a whole bag...
Yes, me too, please. We can barely move around here at the moment! I donated 4 garbage bags of clothing and other items the other day and I intend to keep the purging going for as long as possible. Right now it's easy -- there's so much extra around I can skim things off the top and donate them without feeling any pain. Stacks of papers. Broken toys. Outgrown clothing. Shoes that don't fit anyone.   But there are other items, in deeper strata, that may require some...
I definitely recommend going through the bathroom cupboards as a great place to find some of those 50 items to declutter. I got rid of a bunch of expired medicine, some empty boxes (???) and some very old makeup for a total of about 20 items in about 10 minutes.
I got rid of at least 100 items just today, so I'm in. I'll try to do 50 more by Friday!
I'm going to give it a try.   a) Me (SAHM), DH, two 6-year-olds and a 2-year-old.   b) For me, this is a clutter goal and a financial goal combined. I want to stop the flow of "things" into the house and build some savings at the same time. The only non-food/consumable "things" I need to buy are clothes one and two sizes than the bigger kids wear now, so...   c) I want to keep track of what I'm spending and what I'm buying, and I want to be held to account...
Bumping. I'm having this very problem. OUCH!
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