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ALKMommy - this group is pretty quiet as it is April 2012's due date group You might want to try and find your due date group or post your questions in the general pregnancy forum. ....all 4 of my babies were a suprise so I'm not any help with the ultrasound pic.
Look at her sitting up! I haven't taken Juliet in to the Dr. since 2 months but put her on the scale and at 4 1/2 months she was 18-19 lbs! She is a chunker and I love it!
Thanks for your reply Alethia. I needed it. DH does give me the thermometer. Last night I spoke to him about my temps. I've actually never been on fertilityfriend.com. I've always just recorded on paper charts. I think that I'll set myself up and let him share in that too.   You are right. Libido raising hormones would be good for both of us. They have been especially lacking this time around. Although.... it's tough to ignore the libido during fertile times!!!!
..and it's making me sad. I know that sounds strange but it has never returned this soon and my intimate relationship with DH is already strained. We practice NFP and up until now we've always known that there would be more children but now DH is at a place where he is completely done. While I respect that, I also hate feeling pushed into that mode. I just don't feel ready and prepared to be so strict with intimacy. I have to take a refresher course on NFP. I bought...
kaismom has put it so wonderfully. I too am glad that you at least have an answer. Everything happens for a reason.
chiro - that sounds so exhausting! I'm glad that you made it back home in one piece! Hopefully your kiddos's school is intact!
We have a jumperoo! If we had wood work in our house to support the old style johnny jump up we'd defiantely have one. I remember my siblings having so much fun when they were babes!
Chiro - I've been thinking about finding a new doc for the kids. I truely dread this doc and that's not the way that it should be. I'll have to look around ask for recs.... even if I need to drive an hour.
Chiro - I'm losing quite a bit of hair too but no bald spots. Hopefully it is just a passing thing for you.   I too have a question...  Juliet will be 4 months on Monday and I haven't make her 4 month well child visit yet. We do not vaccinate so the only reason that I'd take her is to get her height and weight checked. Also to show the system that I am not neglectful. I was also going to take my 3 yesr old for his check. I already decided that my 5 and 7 year olds...
I keep telling myself I'm done. I'm sure that I'll feel otherwise in the future. 4 kiddos for me is a lot of work and stress at times. DH is really done. We'd have to get a different vehicle. But.....   a few weeks ago DS2 came up to me and told me that I was going to have another baby and later that night at the dinner table he told DH that it was 2 babies this time!
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