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I know someone who discouraged woodpeckers from attacking wooden siding by affixing rough-cut boards to nearby trees. I think they used fir or cedar boards.   Is your balcony stained & sealed?
Groundhogs under the house can damage your foundation! A large dog is the only way to make sure they depart and are not replaced by something else that decides to move into the empty burrow.   We have a massive groundhog problem. Trapping & re-homing does not work in our case. More of the buggers move in from the surrounding fields. Hunting them is time-consuming and they breed like crazy anyway. A dog is not an option.   You could try getting a guy to pee in all...
That's really terrible. Have you reported the theft? Can you have a friend come stay with you until your dh gets back, just so you aren't alone?
  Exhaustion + pains + cognitive troubles sounds a lot like Lyme disease.  
Look up Yoder's Country Market in Madison County.
I'm a fan of Sofft. Don't let the high heels fool you, those are really comfort shoes in disguise.   http://www.sofftshoe.com/
If I were a princess, I think I'd do exactly what they're doing. Except I might have someone clean my house once or twice a week.
I'd probably be responsible and use it to pay off debt, or cover my dance tuition. But if it was total splurge money, I'd probably buy a new computer, or several months of gym membership, or the supplies I need to start making prayer beads.
You can sometimes find powdered rosemary. I use it to make rosemary wheat crackers all the time.
High-end fabric stores usually carry an assortment of organic fabrics. If you don't sew, the fabric store can put you in touch with a seamstress.   You might also look on Etsy.
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