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If you watch the kids in her home, and she's your only client, you aren't generally able to file schedule C, and she shouldn't 1099 you. You're technically a nanny, and there is a completely different set of financial/tax circumstances for that: http://www.smartmoney.com/Personal-F...anny-Tax-9560/ and http://www.ehow.com/how_5103060_pay-nanny-tax.html If you're a nanny in someone's home and you earn more than $1700/year, the employer must pay half your self-employment...
it means that they don't understand HOW the vaccine caused GBS--the actual biological process by which the two are linked. the person being quoted clearly states that the vaccine did lead to increased GBS cases.
totally normal. i have two intact boys--1 is 5 weeks old, the other 7 yo. both were as you describe. my 7 yo retracted just before age 5. nak
careful--old varnishes often have lead in them, just like oil-based paint used to. test the varnish and white stuff with a lead test before doing any removal.
Attachment parenting isn't just about holding, touching, cosleeping, nursing at the breast, etc. What a poor imitation of loving parenting it would be if it were ONLY that. Attachment parenting is about FEELING, communicating your feelings to your tiny daughter who needs an advocate 24/7. Being an attached parent means putting the needs of your newborn above everything else right now--you, your partner, even your older child. Your partner can give your older child...
How recent was the surgery? I'd be concerned about post-op issues and contact your doctor right away. General anesthesia can cause long-term conginition issues for some people.
How old were they? 7 and 9 (he was tested at two different ages). What were the pros? The Yale Child Study Center's neuropsychologists were extremely helpful in interpreting results for us and recommending various programs. The results qualified hom for Stanford University's Education Program for Gifted Youth when he was 7, and to take the SCAT for Johns Hopkins' Center for Talented Youth (which he took and he was accepted into CTY as one of the high scorers in...
Complain to your congressperson. Contact their office and ask for "constituent services." This is exactly the kind of b.s. congressmen need to work on to help constituents, and it makes for a good media story. Credit card companies/banks are finding new markets to scr*w consumers, and this one really takes the cake, because it targets low-income folks and squeezes them.
Where do you folks all live? I've lived in western MA, the suburbs of MA, visited family in NE Ohio, in central CO, in western Florida, gone on vacation in Maine, Colorado, and Iceland, and in every place have used AP to some extent and not had anyone bat an eyelash.
Quote: Originally Posted by aydensmama AMAZING!!!! I am super impressed! My babe only has a 2V cord, so my doctors are watching for deterioration...how did they diagnose it, and what did they start to see if you don't mind me asking. At 38 weeks I am starting to get nervous about him growing in there when things start to get old.... And CONGRATS!: it was a combo of no movement for an hour +, low-reactive nst, polyhydramnios and heartrate...
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