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For #1 I went to my OB's office--a cervical check confirmed 3cm dilated, 80% effaced. Sent me straight to L&D where they put in an IV, required an HOUR of EFM, etc. For #2 I walked in at 10 cm and they tried to get me to do admitting paperwork but realized they needed to get me upstairs FAST. Baby was born 30 minutes later and they did the paperwork after. No cervical check, no IV, I wore my own nightgown and they did 15 minutes of EFM. Two completely different...
My oldest was 7 and 45" and 42 lbs when we took him off gluten. Within 5 months he gained 10.5 lbs and 5 inches! More on raising GF kids: http://www.parentsrpeople.com/165.html
Check your homeowners or renters insurance to see if the loss of food is covered.
You have about 3-4 months' notice, so is there any way you can do something to raise the money? --yard sale --ebay/craigslist a bunch of stuff --get a part-time job ...etc. Any money you raise will make a difference, and even if you only raise enough to send you and not your family, it shows you tried.
For dairy, you can find raw milk, cheese, etc. info here: http://www.associatedcontent.com/art...ts.html?cat=22
People tout the 5-7 point increase in IQ for breastfed vs. formula fed babies as a reason to breastfeed, and don't dismiss it as an insignificant number. If this morning sickness study is replicated with a larger sample and shows the 6-7 point difference, then it brings up a wide array of questions about the function of morning sickness and could lead medical experts to question whether treating non-threatening nausea/vomiting in pregnancy is appropriate.
You should run a tax calculator and see how living on only one income will reduce your total tax burden. Then adjust your DH's take-home accordingly. It might free up a hundred or more per month.
If you're renting it and not occupying it, I would definitely have it insured. If you're living in it, I could see weighing the pros and cons of self-insurance, but NOT if you're renting it out.
If he's part of what the Southern Poverty Law Center categorizes as an "extremist group," then SPLC might be a place to turn to for help: http://www.splcenter.org/index.jsp Does he do this more on weekends? Could your neighborhood get town permits for street fairs over and over and over (different people applying for rotating days) to get the street closed off to traffic?
There are also Lara's GF oats, which our family (celiac) has no problem eating: http://www.amazon.com/Cream-Hill-Est...1240624&sr=1-3
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