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Genevieve chose a 12-12-12 birthdate, too. I thought it would have been earlier in the day, but that round of labor fizzled out, and she was born 3 hours after I rolled of the acupuncture table in the evening (at 20:12, oddly enough). She's 9 mos now, and walking already! She's absolutely in love with her big brothers (8 and 5),and the feeling is mutual. She has all 8 of her first teeth and has started demanding a lot of table food compared with my boys. Nevie is what we...
Such a wonderful story - I feel like I was right there. You sounded so in control and calm throughout your labor, and Candace sounds very wise. Congratulations again. Gus is so beautiful.
I was going to ask a similar question--what are some reviews of the various nursing wear websites/vendors out there? I'd like to have a  nice (not plain!) dress or two I could wear somewhere fancy if I needed, but expressiva doesn't have any styles I particularly like right now...
wow, you worked SO hard to bring him earthside, andrea! are you feeling like you have your energy back, or are you still fatigued from the bleeding? (i bled similarly with my first two, and it took a while to feel like myself again...take it easy.)   welcome, josiah nathan!   
Hassan is gorgeous, Saadia! Congratulations on his birth, and thank you for sharing your birth story. I always liked that line in "Ina May's Guide..." Too!
ditto   nak
I'm sorry you didn't get your homebirth, lulu, but it sounds like you and your midwives really knew exactly what to do and how to support you. I'm glad you had a positive, smooth hospital experience. And that you and Jason get to snuggle Porter in your arms now.
I finally wrote out Nevie's birth story: http://www.mothering.com/community/t/1371196/genevieve-soleils-birth-story/0_50   It's long. sorry.
Sorry this is so bloody long, but it's the only version with all of my thoughts attached. I'm not ready to share some parts with my midwife until I have the right words, and I'm not ready to share more intimate stuff with the blog/facebook world. I've tried to bold the portions that make up the "story" portion...   Birth Story of Genevieve Soleil, born 8:12pm on 12/12/12   *The evening of December 11 (I was 39w6d if using the same dating method as with the boys),...
Thank you for sharing Pepper's birth story. Congratulations and welcome, sweet baby Pepper! Enjoy your babymoon.
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