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Hi Knittin - I just sent you a request for the FB group.  Thanks!
I would love to join in a study group online!!!  can we set that up, like ASAP?! I'm planning to sit for it in 2011 too.  I'm also an LLL leader and I'm taking the Breast Ed series of 10 classes at Health E Learning now.         
Should be a great event!!!
Here's the link to the listing of all NH meetings. I hope there's one near you! http://www.lllusa.org/MENH/NewHampshire.html
Hi all! Just a friendly reminder that the next Seacoast Area LLL meeting is this Thursday 8/12 at 10:30am at First Parish church in Dover, NH. All moms and children are welcome! More info can be found here: http://seacoastnhlll.org/index.html
I was going to say with a beautiful baby girl! : I had Prodromal labor for about five days anf had two instances where I really thought it was real labor but then it stopped. My actual labor began the morning after an evening and night of P labor and it was 4hrs 10 mins from start to finish.
Don't do it yourself!!!! Is there anyway you can get in to see your mw sooner?
I think it's pretty common. We're definitely done now, (Sydney is #3) and I'm really excited about this being the end of our baby days because it's been so wonderful to have little children. I have no regrets about only having three and DH is totally on board too. That said, I've recently found out three of my friends are PG and there is a part of me that day dreams about that a little bit. I don't ever want to be PG again, but it's hard not to think of it when a lot...
I really don't think anyone baited you. I responded that "I'd like to see that" b/c my DD is a few weeks older and doesn't have the head or neck control to do that so I was a little skeptical from the beginning. One other user said "I'd love to see a youtube vid of that" and the next response is you posting the pics. It's not as if the whole board came on and begged you to post the vids. I was curious to see what you were describing as I think PP were too. If you...
Quote: Originally Posted by MsVyky we went to the pediatrician this morning, and he said the only time to worry about poo is when there is blood in it. He says it's likely something that I'm eating that's bugging her tummy, which would explain the fussiness too. He suggested I cut out a lot of gas-causing foods like beans, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, etc (Truthfully, ain't gonna happen, I'm veggie). I'm going to cut back a LOT on the dairy though....
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