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Honestly mama I wouldn't have them come until you are fully recovered. I can speak from experience that you really do not want to be regretting having her come and then feel guilty for acting like a hormonal, post partum idiot and having your dignity temporarily destroyed. Tell them they can visit in a few months.
Sarah Michelle Gellar. I've gotten that "You look just like her!" a lot. I've also gotten Rose McGowan, but that was back in high school when I dyed my hair black.
Quote: Originally Posted by Masel I always feel a little bad that we don't listen to more music. What my DD hears tends to be the musical interludes on NPR. It's short but at least it's good stuff. Our local NPR station is also the local classical music station. Granted its not a great one, but its convenient to put on during the day for background noise. I'm thinking your NPR station might also be the same thing. Leave it on or look it up...
Well, we're musicians so there's always music to be heard around here! But I listen to just about everything, so while we're in the car they'll hear everything from Bach to Nine Inch Nails. My kids both love music, and love dancing too Henri especially enjoys Alan Jackson's music...(which is great because I : him!)
I am in school from 8am-12pm 5 days a week. That's my break. (otherwise I wouldn't get many...one of many reasons I returned to finish my degree!)
I've used a combination of EC (elimination communication) and a total refusal to have any child of mine over 3 years old in diapers. We begin around 18 months. Once they are peeing regularly in the potty we put them in underwear and deal with the poo accidents until they learn. I feel this helps them learn to poo in the potty sooner because obviously having a load in your pants is uncomfortable and embarassing! DS1 is 3.25 yrs old now and has been fully potty...
i dont think having another child would be the best thing given the feelings youre describing (orry major keyboard problem) Nor do i think you should give up all the clients. nothng has 2 be absolute,kwim? if "only" beng a sahm doesnt fulfill you, then it just doesnt. there is no need to justfy or blme on your "ego". I wish that women would stop thinking ths way (myelf included)
Why stay miserable? Why let him bring you down? Go to Wal Mart now (only because they're open 24 hours ) and change the locks. My DH has done a lot of stupid stuff, but pulling the car over on the freeway at night and ordering me to get out is DEFINITELY not one of them. You deserve to be happy. I think you need to make that your mantra.
Sure do. I took out 4K this semester. It wasn't even optional. I had to have the money to pay for daycare. I also need a new violin bow (my current one has a CRACK in it ) and other supplies for school. You really can't beat the interest rate on a Stafford loan, though! 3% is SWEET!
Fleur refused to take her bottles. I stopped in twice to nurse her, and she just kind of glared at me and wouldn't smile I know it was only the first day and she needs time to adjust, but I'd hoped she wouldn't be so upset. She's normally a very social and happy baby, and loves to be around other people. But I could tell she had been crying the first time I came in to nurse her, and she just didn't look happy. please tell me she will adjust. She's only 7 months old. I...
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