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Knowing what I do now since my own experience of having to put my first child on formula, I would recommend supplementation through an SNS for the majority, if not all feedings. My focus would be to keep the baby on the breast for as long as possible and less on what was going into the baby. I would mention donor milk but I am very aware that this is not an option for most people who need to supplement.
Well, all the info I've read says that shaving the pubic area before birth can introduce more germs and slightly elevate the risk of infection. I usually keep everything shaved but since I can't see or reach during pregnancy I just keep it trimmed so it doesn't look like a wild animal
I'm due around June 16th and all I can say is let's get this thing OVER WITH. I hate being pregnant, I never want to be pregnant ever again in my life. Three children is just fine, a nice happy sized family. DH is already looking into getting a vasectomy....that's how bad this pregnancy has been. So yeah, I hope May flies right on by and this baby comes ASAP.
Chop two or three good sized garlic cloves, pour just enough oil over them to cover and simmer for 15 minutes. Strain and put the garlic oil in a clean jar and keep it in the fridge. Take 2tsp of the oil twice a day until things start clearing up. The oil will last a week refrigerated. I give this to my children when they have sinus infections and it usually clears within 3 days.
Quote: Originally Posted by N8'sMom Oh my gosh! Are you serious? I can't believe you got it again! That sucks! I told my husband to just shoot me if I ended up getting it again in this pregnancy, cuz it was horrible. So I feel for you! Who do you think is giving it to you? Where are you guys getting the germs from? Sorry to say it but daycare. My kids have had so many colds and bugs from going there because they let kids in who are...
So do I and this is my third kid. My health sucks, I've been sick and underweight/measuring behind, and I'm just plain tired. I sincerely wonder if I'll have the strength to birth this child without totally losing it or having to be transferred to the hospital. Hopefully birth is quick and not drawn out for hours and hours.
I'm just now getting over it today. I am SO fed up with getting sick all the time. This pregnancy sucks! My health is shot, my immune system is basically non existent at this point and I catch every bug that comes along. Both the kids had it too Yesterday I threw up 4 times and only had gatorade and saltine crackers. This morning I've had a banana and gatorade. I will be amazed if this kid comes out weighing even 6lbs. I don't have big kids to start with-my boys were 6lbs...
6 newborn size Bummis SWW 12 infant size indian prefolds 3 newborn/preemie size Fuzzi Bunz 12 small Fuzzi Bunz 3(4?) small Bummis Super-Brites (with that adorable 60's style flower pattern) 10 Sammy's One-Size fitted sherpa (she'll share these with DS2 who's still in dipes) various Gerber covers I've collected over time. They work nicely when I've forgotten to wash diapers on time!
I got my tea tree oil at Wal Mart
Sammy's One-Size fitted cotton sherpa diapers paired with whatever covers you like best. I use Bummis covers exclusively for my fitteds and prefolds. The Sammy's are only available at www.thebabymarketplace.com and they are just wonderful!!!
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