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I assume you're kidding!
I'm assuming there is an OB in the practice though?  Call back (NOW) and say that you are very worried about abdominal swelling etc.  A lot of people have pointed out what are much more likely (and scary) scenarios than some random phantom pregnancy that's immune to pregnancy tests.  I really wish you would find good medical care ASAP.  Your life truly might depend on it.   Best of luck with everything. 
I am worried about you and your kids. What level of clutter is your house at that you don't have room for a box? There are people who can help you! Please reach out in your community and get help. What is difficult about having children in school? I only have limited experience (kindergarten) but it was a lot easier than having him home FT
I agree if you were pregnant your OB would have noticed at your PAP. I would consult your regular doctor for answers on the abdominal swelling. Also it's not possible to feel body parts at that gestation so something is going on. Hopefullly nothing serious. What is stopping toy from consulting a physician about your issues but leaving pregnancy out if it?
I can't be the only person who thinks this is a nasty troll? Sent from my Kindle Fire using Tapatalk
I am nursing my 3rd now and remember well the anxiety of weaning my first!  It seemed like a HUGE deal and I just couldn't imagine our lives without nursing (which honestly was the problem!).     I nursed on demand so step one was putting us on a schedule. Step 2 was figuring out which one I was going to quit first Then I cut one per week.   The schedule was helpful b/c when he asked to nurse after a nap (for example) I could say "not now but ___".  It was...
Was he in a crib before that?  If so I would put him back in it.     Either way I think it's time for him to fall asleep by himself.  All of mine reached that point - where my presence was riling them up and frankly I was 'done' and could feel myself getting mad just wanting some time alone with my DH.  It worked really well here to leave in increments.  "I'm going to wash the dishes".  "I'm going to make a phone call" and get him/her used to being alone for a few...
agree.  something is just completely off there.  
I would definitely night wean.  Mine went through that with the on/off nursing in the morning.  Once I cut it out they slept much better.  it was true for my kids that night nursing was really only beneficial for their sleep in the first year or so.  After that it starts to hinder, not help.  I, too outgrow my ability to nurse easily in sleep around that time.  I missed the cues with my first but not my second lol.  
Sorry to hear things are so hard right now.  There are plenty of medication options that are safe for breastfeeding.  I wouldn't worry about it, honestly.  I do hope you can get some help for you and your son, soon.
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