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Would you want to nurse in pregnancy?  I conceived while bf'ing my first and hated nursing in pregnancy so, so much that I weaned completely before I even had unprotected sex the second time we TTC.     19 mos is right around when I am pretty done, emotionally.  And I enjoyed the nursing break between babies 2 and 3.  I really enjoyed the freedom and flexibility that weaning gave us.     I didn't feel guilty really.  Not much, anyway.  Another baby was so much...
Does he have any behavioral diagnoses?   What approaches have you tried?   My kids are also 5 and 3 and my son gets bossy with her.  When he gets a bossy tone he gets a warning.  Actually being physically bossy or persisting with the bossy tone is game over.   He does the screaming thing too if I put him in his room so now he goes '5 minutes willingly, 10 minutes unwillingly'.  I'm surprised at how well that is working actually.   But anyway what you're...
The transition out of napping is really tough.  My big two stopped napping at age 2.   Go for an EARLY bedtime.  Super early like 6pm.  Mine when they stopped napping slept 6pm - 7 or 8am.  
ITA with this.  Although I wouldn't leave for 5 days, nursing or not.  I have done 2 nights away from a nursing child though and 3 nights away from a weaned one.  2 was just about right for me.
I agree with your sister but I think it's fine not to.  Everyone does these things a little differently.  No right or wrong.
They say to move bedtimes a half hour at a time.  So I'd wake him a half hour earlier and over time adjust from there!
Then I think you know what you're challenge is.  Is the car thing permanent?   Things like them not wanting to get dressed, etc... that's disciplinary IMO and there are ways to handle that.   If your HS' prospects aren't good then would you consider school for your oldest?  That's no life for her either, being stuck inside all the time.  :hug:   I grew up in ireland so I know the weather scene.  Depressing.     Sending good thoughts your way.
  I don't think it's horrible at all but I don't think it's sustainable, either.  Why don't you leave the house?A boring life is going to be boring - SAH or not :)   I feel for you b/c we're trapped at home a lot b/c of my baby napping.  but I can't fathom doing that voluntarily!  
I thought you didn't even have a bed?
With my kids weaning was 'easy' (relatively) once I changed my perspective.  I had to get to a point where I knew that it was absolutely the right thing for us.   You should feel that confident.  He is old enough, you are in pain.  there are so many other ways you guys can connect (as you know from your older children).   Personally the intensity of my toddler's demands waned once we weaned and learned more complex ways to connect.  
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