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How did the pregnancy leave you disabled?  
I had weaned by then but well before then I had very strict rules.  We didn't' nurse outside the house at all.  Didn't nurse multiple times in an hour.  Didn't nurse at all if they were grabby.  No twiddling or switching back and forth (Ever.  even when they were tiny).     the 'trick' is being OK with them being upset about the rules.  IT'S OK if he has a fit that he can't nurse twice in 10 minutes.  He's allowed to be disappointed.  It doesn't mean that you've done...
in your OP you said that health care was no longer needed.  So will this need go away?  
Not sure whether I believe the OP or not though.
Agree.  or some kind of sleep apnea?  tonsils?  What actually happens when he wakes.  Does he seem uncomfortable?  Have you tried completely nightweaning?  Cutting out the rocking?  When I was tackling my kids' sleep at night I tried to do nothing major to replace nursing.  I did more talking/humming.   I would probably 100% wean at night and look for a sleep study if that didn't at least make it more manageable.    
Why don't you let us know what you've tried.  If you have already tried night weaning and it hasn't worked I would look for other medical causes at this point.
OK I just read back, too.  I think OP you are jealous but maybe you are not appreciating that how your IL's treat their daughters is going to be very different from how they treat you?  That doesn't make that relationship codependant or dysfunctional.  It just makes it a version of parent/child.  Personally it's not a version I have or even want but I really don't think it's dysfunctional by any definition.  
This is just what it's like to have a child that age.  I remember being upset by it too at the start.  But it's just how things are, IME.  I have carried screaming children into carseats more times than I care to remember.     IME the best approach is one request and then to take the lead.  Give her an option to come with you and if she won't then she'll have to be carried.  I think too much negotiation just makes things worse.
My big 2 (3 and 5) get baths every other day.  My baby.. not enough IMO.  About once a week.  I think twice a week would be better for her.   I know some kids IRL who do the whole 'infrequent' bathing thing and it IS noticeable, IMO.
I would wean her off it.  Starting with things like peeing.  I mean really.  It's just ridiculous to pee with a child on your hip!  Keep your breaks from it short to begin with and then longer.  Lots of reassurance, upbeat distraction.  Yes she'll cry but she'll get over it quickly I'm sure.     The ergo is a good suggestion for sometimes.  I would say something like "Right now I'm doing laundry.  When I'm done you can go in the ergo and we'll go for a walk".  Then,...
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