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Have you been honest with your husband?  It's very odd to me that he wants your preschooler there if you've expressed how it's not working for you.   I would move her out (she doesn't have to be happy about it but she'll adjust quickly) and move your baby in.  My 2 'big' kids sleep in their own rooms now that we have the new baby.  There is just not enough room for everyone.  We tell them that in our house, mommies and daddies sleep together and babies sleep with...
What time does she wake up in the morning?  That bedtime seems very late to me.     I cut my son's nap at 2 (and his sister cut her own at the same age) b/c of the late bedtime issue.  But then the new bedtime was 6pm to give him 13 hours sleep.  He needed that and now at age 5 needs about 11.   A non napping 2 year old is not idea, behavior wise.  But less ideal IMO is a 2 year old being up past 8pm :)
So what did you mean by gross?  
Have you talked to her pediatrician?  I would think some professional help would be a good idea.
But that's just life, too.  I mean things have to get done in the house.   You didn't answer about the sleep schedule?  Why do you have a child up until 11pm?!  I feel like your main problem might just be sleep deprivation.
wait - your husband won't take care of both kids at the same time? Do you still have one of them up half the night?  I think if you can get him (I assume it's your toddler) to bed at a normal time you'd be in better shape.   Do you have any PPD going on?  A lot of what you are thinking of as 'impossible' is kind of normal, every day stuff.  I'm not sure you're thinking clearly?  That is GOOD news!  That your perception may not be reality.  :hug:
I don't hate it but I can see how people do. You have to do your best to have nice days.  Nice things in your life.  Good friends, support, things to do.   We don't have family around but I joined a MOMS club for friends/support.  We get out every day.  We found a reasonable gym membership (60/mo for the family) and I aim to go 3x week (2 nights and saturday).  I'll go 5-6 days when my baby (6 mos) is old enough for me to feel comfortable putting in the childcare (so...
how are his stools now?   did you try eliminating dairy?  Treatment for reflux?
I am glad your son is doing better.   I have to ask how the quoted is possible though.  Knowing now that he was in such terrible pain. You still would have waited?  I just don't understand.
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