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I do things like that.   Why is your child up until 11:30 though?  I would troubleshoot that.    
when I went to wean my first it was a mess.  We were totally 'on demand' which meant 'all the freaking time' and he had no self-soothing skills and was a terrible eater.   I had to break the day up in my head and assign nursing to various times.  So roughly we nursed at x y z times.  It was hard to do b/c it was so often but I took our 'best' day (when we were out and about) and went from there.     So once I had us on a schedule I then cut one of those times...
Of course TJ's and WF's are grocery stores.  Seriously?  Ya'll are getting duped by the marketing.  
ITA with this.  My urge to wean was so clear.  I honestly never gave any serious thought to continuing.  I knew my job was to help them figure out nursing-free life.     It's why I don't get CLW actually.  I can't imagine not having that clear 'we're done' feeling that I had with my kids!  
I never ever let my kids do that.  Just physically not allowed.  I don't really understand how you can't get him to stop?  You move his hand and he puts it back?   Why don't you keep the breast covered?  
I would try to stay in bed if you can.  with mine i gave them the option of drinking some water or listening to me hum/sing.   There was some crying of course but one of us was there. It only took a couple of nights before they stopped waking!
Not everyone can suck it up though.  I would have pretty violent thoughts if I just 'let' my preschooler do that.  That's not fair to anyone!  I'd honestly take an hour of crying over that.  They adjust quickly.
I agree about a routine and also I think he sounds tired!  My son needs to be in bed for about 12 hours (even if he's not sleeping the whole time).   We did consequences for not getting dressed on time (no time for a movie later, etc) and that kind of nipped it in the bud.  I think our conflict about it was becoming a habit.  Becoming our 'thing'.  It's hard to change patterns!
that article is speculative.  I have read it multiple times.  
If you think dickhead is bad... keep reading
New Posts  All Forums: