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My son was like that - very insecure unless things were REALLY clear.   I had to be extremely black and white in my approach to getting a grip on our nursing fiasco.   Definite times for nursing, definite non negotiable (nagging) times for not.  It worked really well.  To this day he needs a lot of structure to feel safe and calm.  child led anything doesn't work.   Of note though I've never  read anything to convince me that '2-7' was a 'natural' age of weaning....
I would totally turn her.
Then really.. does it matter if she cries?  If I had to wait until nightweaning my kids was tear free I'd still be nursing them (5 and 3).  It'll be FINE.  She's 2.5.  If she flips out for a couple of nights (as mine did) it'll still be fine and then everyone will move on with their (well rested) lives!   I was very matter of fact, lots of hugs, confidence, showed no guilt or doubt.  I think they picked up on our confidence!  
I guess if my 5 year old did that to me I'd hit the roof.  I can't imagine even remotely sleeping through it.  I'd be EXTREMELY irritated and warn him that if he does it again he can't come in for a long time. But.. I don't even let my 5 month old twiddle.  Even the thought of it makes my skin crawl!
And then what do you do when he persists?  I'm having trouble understanding this honestly.   I have a 5 year old.  I am stronger than him.  There is no way he could twiddle my nipple.      
What have you tried?
why are you only getting 5-6 hours of sleep?  are you going to bed v late?  waking for hours during the night? I would jay gordon it for sure.
You've got some balls, seriously.      
For me it's totally the format.  I've said over and over that they need to roll back to vbulliten.  I have to assume there is some contract that stops that because it's such an obvious step in the right direction, IMO. Even right click to correct a spelling doesn't work here!  When the site changed I googled the people who did it and sure enough there are a ton of complaints from other forum owners.  The reply box sucks etc (ya think?).  
How are you doing with the basics - getting enough sleep?  Getting a break?  Diet/sunlight? I mean clearly that's not going to be enough but I'm just curious how that is going.
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