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Have you consulted a physician?  If you are lactating enough to support a child then I would rule out a pituitary tumor.  https://health.google.com/health/ref/Prolactinoma
I agree something else must be going on if she can't be around a child with a cold without getting sick herself.
could you just pump with your car running?  I would just be mortified at the thought of my coworkers hearing my pumping!  But maybe that's my own issue.
Can you pump in your car?  Have you exhausted all other options?  I know I couldn't do that.  I think people hearing you would be uncomfortable not to mind how uncomfortable you would feel.  Have you talked to your boss?
If your pedi won't help then can you find a new one?   Google 'early intervention + (your state)' and see what the process is.   Also 'occupational therapy for picky eaters' and stuff like that.  There is a lot of info.. more than I could give credit to if I attempted to write it myself.
I would absolutely call Early Intervention for an evaluation (if you are in the US).  I wish I had done that with my son.  I waited it out for YEARS and the poor thing just needed HELP.   You are right - these kids do NOT eat when they are hungry.  That was one of the first things the OT said to me!   Call the pedi ASAP and figure out how to get her evaluated.  Therapy should make a huge difference.
how does that work?  Do your friends not get annoyed?  Interrupting drives me INSANE.  
I also lock myself in a room.  Yes, it upsets them (or used to) but it makes the point.  They don't interrupt me anymore very much.  
How about calling a developmental pediatrician and saying you would like help with his anxiety?     How about making separation from him part of your day?  Like every day you leave him for 2 hours to go to the gym.  I did that with my kids for a while. The routine was awesome.  Random separations were harder for them.  But every day that I got to work out, take a long shower... that was much easier on everyone.
Have you discussed it with his therapists?  I bet they would have some good insight!   You NEED a break!  Your husband is home FT.  Go out for a couple of hours!  You CAN do your own thing.  It's not normal or healthy to be the sole caregiver for a child and I have felt for a long time that you guys are feeding off each other's anxiety.  Seriously you're going to collapse under the weight of this child and it's not fair to anyone in your family.  :hug:    
New Posts  All Forums: