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You should read up on the hygiene hypothesis.   some of your ideas are just not supported by science.    avoiding sicks kids, sure.  But wrapping up warm?  Not playing in mud?  Those are just not related to avoiding illness, AFAIK.
We say 'This is a safe house.  Nobody is allowed to hurt anybody' and the offender is put in their rooms no matter what their feelings are on the matter.  If they reoffend they are put back in with the repeated reminder that it's a safe house.     I have also tried screaming at the top of my lungs in fury etc.  But actually what I wrote above works a lot better lol.   I never yet have had a chronic problem with hitting though.  
Hope it works out!  When people mourn the loss of the nap in their 5 year old or whatever I always feel so 'wtf'.  Napping is a bad word in our house after the age of 2!  Even a 10 minute car nap has my son up 3 hours after his bedtime.  It's awful.  Glad I'm not alone :)
yea is that what she's doing?!
I would do option 1.  I think a few days away with just the 2 of you sounds really nice.
I have had the same experience but I think it's because I know better now.  I'm not going to let groceries sit on the kitchen floor half the day anymore.  I'm going to put them away even if the baby cries for 60 seconds.  I'm going to take the extra 2 minutes to finish vacuuming the room because I will not subject 5 people to a gross house just to stop the baby from crying for a short time.  etc.    
New pediatrician time?  That is ridiculous she is NOT overweight!!!
  ITA with this.  Honestly I think the last thing this 2 year old needs is to nurse in bed with her brother.  Maybe she'd enjoy some icecream and toenail painting while he naps or better still an hour with you at Starbucks at the weekend.  These are all things my 2 big kids love (not that big, 5 and 2).  Frankly time away from the baby, time alone with me and celebrations of how big and awesome they are is where it's at. Not going back to nursing!  But I guess all kids...
You definitely need to tackle leaving the house with the 2 of them.  that'll bury you if you let it!  If you really find it insurmountable then do talk to your doc about PPD/PPA. :hug: I really think the reason I have stayed so much saner this time (My youngest is 4 mos) was that I was at the park a week after she was born and 'hiking' with the babywearing group not long after that.  It's such a sense of accomplishment to do it!  And spending time with like minded moms...
Definitely go to the doctor about her diarrhea!   Don't stress about TV.  My son watched TV non stop when I had my second.  When I had my 3rd the big two had each other to play with and were too busy tearing the house apart to watch TV even though it was on all the time.  I spent more time yelling at them to sit down, be quiet and watch TV!  Point is.. it's FINE.  It's just what it's like to have 2 small kids.  Hard, chaotic.   A schedule makes all the difference...
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