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*87 misc early childhood learning items passed on to another homeschooling family *3 piece wicker furniture set *2 "overflow" dining chairs   857/2013   I'm excited to be venturing close to the halfway mark of the 2013 decluttering goal 1.5 months before moving day. :)
Back from a donation drop-off of 267 items from the garage and attic storage. Yay!   765/2013
I will only sell items when the financial gain would provide me with more than minimum wage for the time & effort invested to sell said items. As a result, I only sell big ticket items and donated all other items. I occasionally flirt with the idea of a garage sale in my head but never follow through with the idea as the time expenditure and cost for a permit make the entire process far less appealing than simply finding the items new homes.
5. No Apparent Danger: The True Story of Volcanic Disaster at Galeras and Nevado del Ruiz by Victoria Bruce
Tackling the pre-move garage clean-out and can now add 57 misc items to my list.   498/2013
*2 dresses *2 skirts *2 shirts *1 jacket     441/2013
*soccer ball *2 pairs of youth shin guards *1 pair of soccer cleats *2 medical textbooks *7 spice jars *5 magazine back issues   434/2013
This.    Looking at what ways you enrich your life through frugality may be helpful as well. By this I mean trying new-to-you free activities, starting a new weekly family ritual, exploring what free or low cost activities and resources are available in your community, and looking at a frugal lifestyle as a fun challenge and the means to push the boundaries on your creativity and talent to grow as people and together as a family. One example of what I mean: I've been...
Freecycled:   *7 shirts *2 skirts *1 dress *2 platters *1 pottery tea pot   416/2013
Sold: 2 bookshelves & 29 books   403/2013
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