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Several years ago we happened across an old cabinet grand piano at a thrift store for $35. Upon bringing the piano home we discovered the piano was a Baldwin and further research revealed the piano was manufactured in 1918. After a bit of restoration work our $35 gamble proved to be quite the find. 
  Caffeine, stubbornness, and an unhealthy inability to sit still.     
We will be focusing on Lunar New Year from a Korean perspective as my husband is Korean-American. Every year we read several books in honor of the holiday including "Dumpling Soup", make mandu for mandu soup, play the traditional game of Yut-Nori, and enjoy fruits popular in South Korea for dessert. Our local Korean society will also be hosting a celebration that we plan to attend as well.    My daughter will also be receiving a hanbok and shoes from my MIL as a...
I am home educating my five year old daughter. 
*finish (Fly Lady) home blessing *pick up grocery order *homeschooling *drop-off another box of purge items to thrift store *change litter boxes *two loads of laundry *dishes *make new batch of carpet sprinkles, litter box deodorizer, and all-purpose cleaner *wash/chop/prepare veggie and fruits for easy snacking *organize coupon binder *get ready for the first day of daughter's basketball learning camp tomorrow *register for several classes at...
Today:   *garden and yard work *homeschooling *dishes & kitchen clean-up *place grocery order for pick-up tomorrow *quick clean dining room and foyer *wash floors & vacuum *read 2-3 chapters in my book club book *start 100 books reading chain for daughter *make a run to the recycling center *pack up Amazon Trade-In books *balance checkbook/finances check-up  
My husband and I worked on sorting through more of our books last night and have 213 on the way to freecycle, the used bookstore, and the friends of the library respectively. New total: 817   It will be very interesting to see our new household weight when we move later this spring. 
Leftover tasks from yesterday:     *Rake remaining leaves to curbside for pick-up (If it ever stops raining!)  *Disinfect flower pots, hanging baskets, etc to get ready for spring planting   Also on the agenda~ *Drop off remaining decluttered items at thrift store *Bring purged books to used book store *Make menu plans and grocery lists for the next two weeks *Homeschool *10 minute clean dining room, foyer, and laundry room *Bake banana...
I decided to finally give up the ridiculous amount of Martha Stewart Living and Gourmet magazines I've had collecting dust on one of my bookshelves. 67 more items gone for a total of 604.
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