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You are too kind.  I don't really consider it amazing but just accepting what life has dealt to me. Once I chose to dwell less on my misbehaving body and more on what I've dubbed the "consolation prizes of fertility issues" life began to look up in a big way. Another bit of closure came when I took what control I had of the situation and made the choice to close the door to bio children for good by going the permanent birth control route. Slam the door and move on at last. 
Yesterday evening I went through storage totes in the garage and then tackled the kitchen, dining room and bookshelves today. 317 more items are on their way out bring my new total to 537/2012.   I'm enjoying immensely the free space and also the knowledge that my unused items are soon to be receiving second lives where they are more needed. Yet at the same time I am also looking at all this heaps of still and am, frankly, a bit appalled and disgusted with myself....
On today's to-do list:   *Tend to indoor bulb station *Get big decluttering item filled boxes out to the garage *Find new homes for several items on Freecycle. *List a few items on Craigslist *Firm up maple syrup mini unit lesson plans *Rake remaining leaves to curbside for pick-up *Disinfect flower pots, hanging baskets, etc to get ready for spring planting *Research the practicality of a few Pinterest inspired contained gardening ideas. *Library...
  Yes we are, several garden snails found around the yard are among our little critters of the moment. There are also earthworms in a compost jar from our annelids study and caterpillars soon arriving for our upcoming insect unit. We're using R.E.A.L Science Odyssey: Life as our science curriculum this year and are loving it. The labs are hands-on and very enjoyable. :)
I began my school  room decluttering and have 87 items in a box and soon on their way to families who will welcome the art supplies, games, and books.    Before sorting through the art supplies this afternoon, I dedicated six mason jars to crafty bits and kept a selection of the most fun and open-ended items for free crafting, limiting our supply to what could fit into the allotted space.    Seeing space opening up on the shelves and in the closet storage has me...
I decided to conquer the homeschool room this afternoon and am adding 87 more items gone. I almost feel physically lighter while looking at the neat, clean, cluttered free shelves and closet!    Total: 220/2012
Thank you for sharing that link. I'm going to read  the e-book about microscope buying right now.   I am looking for a basic student microscope for my daughter and intend for this to be a tool to explore slides, pond water, sand, dust, that sort of thing. As far as price range goes, I'd like to keep it under $300. We have a low quality thrifty model right now and used it mainly to teach good habits with lab equipment. Now it's time to move on to the real thing. 
My situation is a bit different than yours so it might not be that helpful but thought I would share just in case.   I had a falling out with a friend who was very unhealthy for me in 2010. Our daughters were very close and saw each other often before the issues arose and it was, in fact, my daughter's affection for her friend that kept me involved in the toxic friendship for as long as I did. My friend had taken to "jokingly" calling me a "baby hater" in front of...
Would anybody be able to recommend a good microscope? 
Multiple miscarriages and a difficult second trimester loss in the past and knowing that I am a better mother to the child I do have when I'm not grieving the loss of yet another pregnancy. Closing the door to more children via my husband's vasectomy was a difficult decision but one that has brought me far more joy and appreciation for my life and daughter as time passes on. 
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