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My daughter would be interested in joining if a swap gets organized. 
I've started a rotating two week menu that I update every season to reflect the different foods available and changing food tastes of my family through the seasons. This method allows me to build a strong pantry to work from and update as needed. Several of the meals can be doubled or tripled for freezer meals and at least two meals a week are crockpot meals. This menu plan also allows me to plan for utilizing recipes my daughter can assist me with and two weekends...
I've found being a SAHM more fulfilling than I thought it would be. Through my work as SAHM and homemaker and the challenges the past six years have brought, I've learned much about myself and have been able to put this knowledge to work to craft a better life for myself and my family...and a very different one than my teenage self envisioned for my future. 
I happened across this blog recently and have enjoyed all of the recipes I've tried thus far: http://budgetbytes.blogspot.com/   The blogger provides a cost breakdown with each of her recipes and also tips for stocking the frugal pantry and kitchen. It's an interesting source for 'budget bytes'  
I responded the same way you did. Nobody ever asked for elaboration during the preschool years but if they had I would have went the "we mutually enjoy this arrangement" line of explanation and then bean dipped if anything other questions came up beyond genuine curiosity. 
   You aren't the only one. I mentioned this book on my FB and a friend expressed her surprise I was reading Twilight before reading further. ha! 
These spicy black bean and sweet potato quesadillas are one of my stand-by cheap nutritious eats: http://www.eatliverun.com/black-bean-and-sweet-potato-quesadillas/
I recently tried a winter greens pesto utilizing turnip greens and found it be delicious in both the soup at the following link and stirred into a shrimp & pea risotto and on sandwiches as well. http://herbivoracious.com/2012/10/red-winter-minestrone-with-winter-greens-pesto.html   My daughter usually balks at turnip greens but ate them up happily in this pesto. 
 I second both of these resources. I learned how to cook initially and have continued to grow my skill thanks largely to JoC and Epicurious. 
Thai Red Curry: http://www.thaikitchen.com/recipes/chicken-beef-and-pork/thai-red-curry.aspx
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