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Well, I like Nancy Drew ... but, maybe your son wouldn't be interested in a female protagonist. Are Boxcar children the same as the Hardy boys? I hated those for some reason too. I think Sherlock Holmes is great. I believe they make a "kid's" version of these books. However, I honestly, think a 3rd grader would be able to understand them, assuming you would be the one reading to them. I remember reading Holmes in 3rd grade and loving it, though.
Oh, I love this book! I've read it 3 times - at least. He's an amazing author (obviously!). 100 years is my favorite book by him.
Now, I'm not saying my dp and I will do this. Once the baby is earth side, we may feel differently. But, because we have such a large family who loves to shop ... our idea was to give our child empty boxes to unwrap. Until around age 3. I mean, every time my nieces and nephews got something when they were two - the box and unwrapping it was the most interesting part! Plus, the part of the brain which holds long term memories doesn't form until age 2. So, what child...
We don't do mutual funds. Most, I believe, are uninsured. You could lose depending on what the market does. Plus, they're not that much "fun" if you want to play the market yourself. We do have stocks and do play the market. So, I guess it's just one of those situations that you choose based on your comfort level. I realize that's probably not that helpful!
Pay of all debt, and do 6 months living expenses in savings. I am hardcore about no debt. When you have no debt - you have freedom. There's no reason to wait on paying debt! Or, after paying all the debt, do 3 months living expenses and use the rest to purchase a (quality) used car. I had a used car that had 250,000 plus miles on it. I bought it that way. I replaced all the belts (including timing) on it, and it ran wonderfully for years. No problems, and just a dream...
I was just saying on another thread, how I look "thicker" in my middle. But, not thicker as in "I'm growing a baby." More "I ate too many french fries and now my pants won't button." I don't feel fat, per se. I just feel as if I have gained fat versus baby. If that makes sense, lol.
Great site. Makes me feel better! I haven't been seeing much of anything. But, I also have a bit of a long torso. In the mornings, I almost think I can see something ... but then, like the OP, I use the bathroom and it's gone, lol. Although (and maybe this is just my imagination), I swear that when I eat, I look visibly pregnant. But, as soon as I've digested ... things go down. That sounds really weird now that I describe it, lol. I definitely am a bit "thicker",...
I'm not sure if it's my intuition or my just wanting a girl very badly. So, I picked definitely girl as that's what I'm "feeling" ... but, we'll see.
I wouldn't worry too much. I wear contacts, and have eye drops in case my eyeballs get too dry for the contacts. It can get really dry where I am too, and it's so uncomfortable with contacts. My eye doctor said there wasn't a whole lot of information on the eye drops I use, but she said she used hers with all 3 of her pregnancies with no problems. Which I realize is anecdotal evidence. But, I still use mine sometimes as well - especially when I travel in planes. I really...
Thrummed slippers! You know how they have thrummed mittens? You can have thrummed slippers too. It's 100% pure wool roving in there. Just tufts of it, held in by stitches. I have thrummed mittens that I made, wore in Alaska in the dead of winter, and I had to alternate with having them on and taking them off as my hands got SO warm. You could probably just do thrummed socks too - as opposed to slippers if those aren't comfortable for you.
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