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We leave for Disneyland May 23rd! So excited!!! Last trip I was 5 months pg and missed out on the rollercoasters. We will do lots of child swap this time though! Anyone else going to be there the week of Memorial Day?!
nak Smithie - We usually stay offsite, so I dont know too much about the onsite prices. We stayed at allstar sports one year and it was ok. I am used to resorts with bigger rooms/kitchen/etc. But I did love the transportation. FWIW, I have always done the parkhopper, even with the little ones. The studios (for us) dont have enough for the whole day, and we like the flexibility.
Not sure where this is to go, and I dont have the attention span for a long post but here is our announcement! April 7 (40w5d): AngieWin Harrison Matthew : 8 lbs 14 ozs
A number of successes, and in the end a healthy baby, but no vbac. Still dealing with it, and in some ways I feel more positive about this birth than my first two. Still working on a birth story and will have it up soon. With the events that happened during labor and after, I know this is the way he was supposed to arrive, but (and I know everyone here knows the feeling) I still have that disappointment. The important stuff Harrison Matthew arrived on April 7 (5...
I am now 40 weeks and 3 days pregnant Having contractions 5-10 minutes apart since Friday morning, but no dialation (overnight hospital stay last night). Trying to stay patient and praying that my body will do what it is supposed to, when it is supposed to. Another dr appt in the morning (already scheduled) and hopefully I have progressed.
Due 4/2, now overdue by 3 days. Contractions 5 minutes apart since Friday morning, but no dialation at all. I will survive, I will survive, I will survive. I may go insane trying to be patient though.
You are in my prayers.
I am so sorry. You and your family are in my prayers.
DONT TELL THEM ANY MORE INFO. Not trying to yell, but the less they know the better. Give them a due date and tell them you are working with medical professionals. When you call to tell them baby is here, thats when they can know if you are at home/birthing center/hospital. If they ask ahead of time what hospital you can tell them my mw's work out of XX hospital. I am going to vba2c and I am frankly ready to stop answering the phone and looking at texts and...
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