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Congrats on your boy news!!! I have been focusing on the positives of my tribe of all boys (and paying closer attention to the traits of girls that drive me up the wall!). That makes me feel better about our boys #3. Nothing against little girls, honestly!!, but it is a coping mechanism of mine lately.
I feel like I have skipped over the 2nd trimester. I went straight from 1st trimester tired, to 3rd trimester my body is too overworked (and big already!!) to get anything accomplished. I cant recall even too many days were I did feel good and motivated. I cant even motivate myself to make a to do list for today.
Quote: Originally Posted by Pregnant_Midwife I know I'll be coming here for support when my BIL's wife has her ultrasound in January (the week of my birthday, no less). I'm trying to prepare myself for how I will feel if she is expecting a girl. It's totally selfish and irrational, I know... but I also know myself well enough to admit that if she's having a girl, I will feel some jealousy.. and there will be many tears. So, I'm trying to prepare...
We are having our third and last boy. Instead of praying for a girl(which is what I really hoped for), I prayed the ability to accept whatever I saw and whatever I heard. I pray for the same thing for you. I am still mourning that loss of what I never had in the first place, but that I dreamed of, but I am doing better than I expected. I know exactly how you feel.
I was wrong all 3 times. Dreamed I was having girls, saw her, named her, and then saw the boy parts on the u/s.
3rd pgy here too and at 22 weeks now, I feel like I did at 32 weeks with DS2. I feel my hips loosening already and I waddle when on my feet too long. My first 2 where in the heat of the summer though so my March 31/April 2 due date in the cooler spring sounds soo much better. I had pgy pics taken at 32 weeks with DS2 and I think I am just about at the same size now as I was then.
I developed pre-e with both of my boys. My ob told me there are a bunch of "cures" out there, and what doesnt hurt you could possibly help. He does have me taking a baby aspirin (now called "adult low-dose" aspirin) daily. Good luck! Mine appears the last 5 weeks of pregnancy and I am now 22 weeks.
I might borrow it to try, but if you decide it works for you, then I would buy your own. The only reservation I would have is, if you are just borrowing it and she plans on using it again, I wouldnt want something to happen to it when I am using it and then feel I would have to buy her a new one. The warranty on them is good for one year, one user. While I am ok with using another person's pump with my own parts, I would still want to buy my own. Especially if you...
I know exactly how you are feeling. We are expecting our 3rd boy and before our first, I could only imagine myself with little girls. I know we are done now, and although I am just crazy over my boys, it is hard. I have decided I am now and will forever be Princess Mommy. A good title dont ya think?? I am the only princess in my house, so I think it is a good name for me!
Quote: Originally Posted by MangoMommy Popping in to sub too! We live far away from the Mouse now, but we are DVC "owners" at Saratoga Springs. I haven't read the whole thread, wow, it's big! Do any of you DIS? The original thread started on Dis and then came over here. With some of our more non-mainstream ideas, it worked better over here! I still have MDC Dis-Mama in my signature over there
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