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Quote: Originally Posted by liseux I do kind of want to know, only b/c I have had 4 boys and I want to know if it could be a girl. I doubt it and I also am fine with having another boy, but it would be cool to know. This is exactly why I had to find out. We have 2 boys and I was so upset and depressed when we found out ds2 was again a boy at his ultrasound I knew I had to find out this time. With the added disappointment of another c/s with...
I am planning on a vba2c and have found a wonderful ob that is willing to work with me. I plan to have a friend doula for me and labor at home (never have been through labor myself) as long as we feel it is safe. But what should I expect when I arrive at the hospital, even if I am have progressed to a good dilation/etc? My ob said that I would have to have an IV (hoping it can be just heplock, or however it is spelled), but will they insist on monitoring me and/or...
ALL BOYS!!! I am more than a bit freaked out right now, but baby #3 is again a BOY! I will adjust but right now I am : Hand by his face http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v5...Picture_31.jpg Another profile http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v5...Picture_41.jpg Pretty sure he is saying, quit poking me lady! Mom!!!! http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v5...Picture_11.jpg My baby boy #3 http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v5...Picture_21.jpg And I must say...
Congrats! We go in 6 hours for our u/s!
We are trying for a vba2c this time and will be taking a Bradley class this winter.
I havent seen any "It's a ...." posts yet. I go on Wednesday and hopefully with the lil one cooperating we will find out the gender. I am very nervous, impatient, worried, excited, everything!!!!! All 4 of the kids + Grandma (my mom) + dh will be in the little room with us. Grandma will wait outside with the kids just in case there are any concerns to start, but the kids want to know also! When is yours??
First pregnancy? Somewhere in the middle? Last pregnancy? 3rd How many child/ren do you currently have? 4 - 2 step, 2 biological How many children do you want to have? I think we are done with this one. Still not feeling completely done, but I am very blessed that this one was an accident. I wasnt done, but dh was. Is your husband's/partner's answer different? See above!
If you take your post, and change the girls to boys, that is almost exactly how my day was too!!! My moods have been relatively stable so far, but today was awful!! Hugs to both of us!
I noticed washing dishes tonight that I have to stand with my side to the sink. That bump is in the way now!
Quote: Originally Posted by jennifercp8 This. I taught for 6 years, but my classes were huge (I taught music), so it's a LOT of names. DH's favorite name is Tristan, which was one of my WORST students ever. Music teacher here too!! In my 8th year now (part time now though) and there are alot of names that I can not bear to use because I have had to say them SOOOO much in class. My favorite girl name forever, Grace, I now have an obstinate...
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