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: : We leave in 7 days for 2 weeks in Orlando!!!!! : :
Wow busy place today!!!! I have done Disneyland 5 months pregnant and did fine. Anything without a height restriction your ds can go on. If it has a warning for pregnancy, I usually avoided it. There are a couple that IMO just have warnings for possible nausea, but were not rough. There are websites that have all the rides to avoid while pg. Check one out and let us know what you would be interested in. I'm sure there is at least one of us (or 10!) that could...
Quote: Originally Posted by Kirsten I already looked at mouseplanet, where I do post occassionally. allears seemed to be WDW not DL - as far as I could tell. Which sites would you recommend? Thank you. PM'd ya!
Quote: Originally Posted by CarolynnMarilynn For me, I think I will use a ring sling while waiting in line-ups and while eating, and a stroller for longer walks. I can't use a sling the whole day without dating a chiropractor! I wouldn't use a backpack carrier at all, for me, because they take up too much room to carry with me on a ride but I wouldn't feel comfortable leaving it behind, and I find they are better for longer walks rather than in-and-out...
Quote: Originally Posted by SusanInItaly Just wanted to drop in and say "Hi"! I'm a DIS mama too, I hang on the budget board under a different username. Nice to "meet" you guys! I love the budget board!!! I am a frequent poster over there. I finally got over my freebie thread addiction!!
I have seen this question quite a bit on the other board, but it didnt address my needs, so I thought I would ask you gals! What is the best bag for Disney?? When you will be using a double stroller, ring sling and an ergo? The baggalinis I see soooo much about wouldnt work with an ergo (but look cool!). I have an ergo, but not the backpack. I was considering that and I am "watching" one on ebay right now. What do you use??
That is so sad to hear! Prayers for her family.
I saw you got your paypal question answered on the dis, but I think the recommended "dose" is 2 tsp of sunscreen, and to reapply if they are in water or sweat for a long period of time.
The soft sided coolers should be easy to fold and pack in a suitcase if you want to take them. I understand about wanting to keep the luggage/etc to a minimum. This time we will not only have a stroller, 2 carseats, luggage for 6!!!, but also all the baseball equipment my stepson will need for his tournament our first week down there. But I guess I cant complain too much, it means an extra week at Disney for me! Another alternative is to ship a box of misc down to...
That makes me feel a little bit better about the violence stuff. My boys can make swords out of absolutely anything!! And even Noah my 1 year old can make the gun sound effects I'm trying to encourage more gentle play, but it feels like an uphill battle some days!! Bestbirths - yes re-register!! I'd love to see you over on that board!
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