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Awesome! What a cool hubby!
So is this a totally dead thread now?   Because I'd love for it to start up again. :)
Chana Masala is cheap, very cheap, if you like Indian and have the ingredients already in your cupboard. It's mostly just chickpeas, onions and tomatoes and the rest is seasoning and water. We LOVE this. I can cook enough to last two days + , feeding 5 people, for under $10. (Then again, I already have all the seasonings)   We eat plain yogurt and dress it up with honey or homemade granola for breakfasts, and use the same plain yogurt as sour cream on soups and with...
No doublers needed, yet, and she's 6 months old.At home she sometimes goes coverless, but is mostly in Bummis Whisper Pants or wool.
We use Disana Tie Nappies (3 pack for $18)   They are OS and fit DD perfectly at 2 days old. They also fit my almost three year old when I'm in a pinch. :)   We went with those because I am tired of velcro, snaps, pins and snappis. I just wanted all-natural everything.
So, why doesn't this stuff get indoors through AC units? Indoor air certainly can't be healthy, either.
This makes me feel a bit better. They explain the coding on page two. http://childcare.about.com/od/caregonewrong/a/ozonehealth.htm
More on ozone: http://www.apcb.org/pollution_prevention/code_orange_days.aspx Needless to say, this stinks. It used to be that kids were made healthy by being outdoors most of the day. Now you just end up endangering them by sending them out. We are ruining our world with all this crap.
Apparently the fumes from running ACs, lawn mowers and vehicles get heated up by the sun and the ozone created sits on the ground level. We end up inhaling it. Here's what our weather report said: CODE ORANGE AIR QUALITY ALERT HAS BEEN ISSUED AUG 30, 2011.  UNDER CODE ORANGE CONDITIONS GROUND LEVEL OZONE CONCENTRATIONS ARE  EXPECTED TO REACH LEVELS THAT ARE UNHEALTHY FOR SENSITIVE  GROUPS.   CHILDREN AND PEOPLE WITH ASTHMA ARE INDIVIDUALS MOST AT  RISK UNDER THESE...
So..... The kids were outside all day long today, from 7:30 till 6:30, and now that I've tucked them all into bed, I checked the weather for tomorrow. Turns out today was an ORANGE LEVEL OZONE day, which says kids should stay inside. What?!?! Our parents never had to worry about this stuff. Do YOU keep your kids inside on heavy ozone days? I hate the thought of keeping them indoors when it's gorgeous outside....today was in the low 80s, breezy and beautiful.
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