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The only one who could be called aggressive is my youngest son, who "bites" his dad and me for play and likes to run up and tackle us for fun. I don't consider that aggression since it's not done in anger or frustration, and he doesn't do it to other kids.
Well, I guess I should say I know WHY they can be aggressive, but what I was surprised at is that this is considered normal. I agree it has very little to do with parenting....I do know a couple "aggressive" toddlers of wonderful parents, but aggressive toddlers are the exception in my circle of family/friends rather than the rule.Anyway, back to the OP. I'll stop derailing.
Why is aggression normal toddler behavior? I have five kids and my sister, three. I haven't witnessed toddler aggression yet, from any of them.
Anxious to hear an update.I wondered about this, too. I know I've left very obvious fingertip marks on my sensitive skinned child when I've had another child in one arm and lifted or put him down with my one free hand....grabbing the should area like this.
Yes, I would. I tend to think of things in terms of what's easy to get back out if choking did occur. Slippery jelly beans, yes. A wad of peanut butter, no. Dum dum sucker, yes. Popcorn? Never. (Apparently popcorn is one thing that cannot be dislodged from the throat....scary.)
Will PM instead
I was dx with Grave's disease over twenty years ago, and as a result had radioactive iodine therapy, which left me w/no functioning thyroid. I was on Synthroid for over a decade, never feeling quite "myself", and only when a new endo finally switched me over to Armour did I remember what good actually felt like! I have had lots of ups and downs, though, I suppose from many pregnancies and postpartum periods, and when Armour was reformulated and wasn't working like it used...
Seventh Generation *for us* was one of the only disposable dipes that didn't leak.
I've always just written NO CIRC with a marker on a piece of 8.5 by 11 card stock and slipped it in the bassinet.
And even if it isn't normal, there are less invasive options like steroids later, with stretching, or a dorsal slit to enlarge the sphincter a bit. Why doctors jump right to a full circumcision is beyond me.
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