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 I am literally DROOLING over that blanket of many colors.....wow. Methinks you should sell me one! And the dipes look utterly professional and adorable. And the hooded blanket is yummy!!! Great job, mamas!
 My dd's are very similar- a big one at the nape of her neck and another right where your dd has hers on her forehead. They have faded, but I can still tell where they are. And yes, they always flare up when she's hot, crying, or upset. Oh yeah, and she's almost seven.
  We use a rope tub, similar to the pp's muck tub. We got ours at Target for $8 or something. It's perfect because it has high sides for standing babies, is plastic so they won't crack their heads if they do fall, and is easily removable from the bathroom when need be. And a nice green thing is that it requires much less water than a bath tub, and less hot water in the colder months because the tub isn't already chilly, like the ceramic bathtubs are. Our oldest is nearly...
PlayaMama, I don't think you are reading what she wrote. SHE did not call him that or refer to him like that. HE is the one who classified himself that way. HUGE difference. My parents never called me a snot, or a terrible big sister, or the black sheep of the family. But in looking back, seeing who I was and who I've now become, I can freely and honestly admit I was all those things. So what? I was, I changed, I grew up. It says nothing about how my parents treated me.
We use glass shot glasses as well (nice to see the liquid) and Tilty Cups without the sipper lid.
 "We shouldn't do anything to them in our interactions that we don't want them doing."This makes no sense to me, personally. They're kids. There are tons of things I do, as a parent, that they are not allowed to do to each other.And it didn't sound like pulling on her arm was discipline, but a physical way of deterring a refusing-to-listen child from tugging on her brother.I still agree with the odd "want me to really hurt her?" comment. That bothered me.
You sound very, very much like me. I'm sorry. Many hugs to you.  
I'm with the previous poster. I don't see that anything really wrong happened here with your DH, except for one thing.
I wouldn't say it's unfortunate. It IS your daughter's name now. I was just worried that it was going to bother you and guilt you for the rest of your life to the point where you'd always regret the choice.   Truth be told, it would bother me and drive me CRAZY and I'd be toying with the idea of changing the name, but like you, I wouldn't really ever do it. You're right in that it wouldn't really help the situation at that point. What's done is done.   Do you like your...
 If she's that conservative and modest about things, then I'm wondering if part of her concern is that she's been told she'll have to retract and clean at every diaper change, and that bothers her. Lots of very conservative people circ for that reason alone....they don't want to have to constantly manipulate their boy's penis.So, if that IS the case, I'd let them know that's not what is supposed to be done, and that there is actually less touching the penis of an intact...
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