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I haven't had bloodwork with my last two, my midwife said she could already see everything she needed to know in my history.  (bloodwork from the first two babies with an OB)  Iron test was just a finger prick.
The magnesium lotion is definitely helping!  My nausea is quite tolerable when I use the lotion at least once a day - when I start to get super sick I usually realize its been over 24 hrs since I used the Mg.  Now the exhaustion... there's no helping that!
For example: I had a couple of babies that HATED to be worn - they squirmed cried and felt trapped and were unhappy.  For awhile that made me feel like a failure in the AP world for sure.  For me and for those babies it wasn't right to keep trying to wear them!  I held them TONS, all the time, but that's how they wanted to be, sitting on my hip, looking around, without a carrier around them squeezing them.  lol  
Oh I thought it was a great point to throw in!  I didn't see it as accusing anybody, just a general word of wisdom.  I agree, it can be so easy to get caught up in a parenting circle or type of doing that you don't focus on yourself and the baby and what actually works for you.
The thing about the aden + anais blankets is that they are so lightweight for their size.  If you tried to use something else that big, you'd find it heavy and bulky.  The blankets are pretty multipurpose if you find you don't love swaddling - a nursing cover up, a stroller blanket, a summer blanket bc they are light, a toddler sheet, and so on.  :)
for the baby food cubes you're talking about, you can also just use ice cube trays  :)
About the cloth diapers... AIOs appear easiest, but in my experience they actually take a long time to dry.  Pockets are still nice and easy, you just stuff them when they are done washing and dry.  :)  I'm not sure about research on the germs, lol, they really do come out clean though!  Pockets maybe get more clean than AIOs because of how you take them apart?  lol
I've been using magnesium lotion and spray for a couple of months now after reading some things about it curing morning sickness.  I do think its helping!  Other than that I just try to keep eating small amounts.  We're gluten and dairy free and I can't have eggs or pecans/ walnuts, so I'm struggling with what to eat that will be protein enough!
I want to make this instead of buying a baby gym -    http://www.pinterest.com/pin/137711701078348679/   plus I hate gyms with all the overwhelming color in baby's face.
Oh and re the car, we bought three Diono Radians to fit three across the back of our van.  DH tried installing them the other day but we couldn't get them three across yet; that will be a challenge!
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