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As far as I know there are no crunchy MD's.  Of course maybe I am a bit too crunchy, but some practices will kick you out if you don't vaccinate.  That might not be an issue for you and then you will probably be okay with any MD in the area.  There is a DO at Medical Associates, Dr. Harris.  The most popular Ped office is Acorn, but they are totally mainstream.  We prefer our ND, Dr. Holcomb.  We moved to WA a few months ago and miss her terribly.   I hope you enjoy...
They aren't.  It wasn't popular enough.  There is the babywearing group and the AP group.  There is also a new homeschool group as well that is AP based.   
All you have to say is "Oh, how nice!!  Give us a call and we will let you know when a good time to stop by is."  If they don't call, don't allow them in.  If they do call, dad gets to tell them that "now is not a good time".  I don't think it's appropriate for people just to stop by whenever they feel like it after a baby is born, whether it's at home or at a hospital.  This is YOUR birth, it is YOUR baby, it is YOUR time, it is YOUR special moment.  You can use sooo...
If they are already telling you they don't agree with what you are doing, it would be a huge red flag to me.  We have a practice in town that TONS of people recommend, but they "fire" patients who do not vaccinate.  I don't care what side of the "vaccine debate" you are on, that just isn't right.  Children deserve good care.  That being said I avoid pediatricians like the plague.  We see a naturopath and that has worked great for our family.  She isn't quick to prescribe...
Yeah the behave isn't really a diaper bag.  Although they are awesome.  Their BFF seriously is an amazing bag for cloth diapering.
If you want to go with a diaper services, you have to use the diapers they specify.  In my opinion washing them is pretty easy.  You just have to get som.me cloth diaper friendly soap and learn a routine, that's it.  On another note with diaper services, they mostly use bleach, because they have to disinfect the dipes.   I hate acronyms as well and you pretty much won't catch me using them.   AIO: All in Ones - these are the diaper and the cover in ONE, they get washed...
Here are some fantastic pictures and advice on using a sling.  I find that most people have their pouches sized incorrectly and the sling basically swallows them up....this is not good.  Your sling should mimic how they are carried in your arms without the carrier.   http://www.sleepingbaby.net/safety.php
  I want a Manduca sooooooo bad!
  Have you tried doing a kegel before and during the sneeze?  I thought that I couldn't hold it in either, but then I started concentrating everytime I started to sneeze and haven't had any issues since.
I'd be alllllll over that.  I bought a timbuk2 bag for school and am now not going to school and have been bummed about what to do with my brand new awesome laptop bag.  :(  LOL.  Maybe I can find a trade?
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