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    LOL!  "Tie breaker baby"  that is what we just had.  Boys won!  Boy, girl, boy, girl, BOY!  And hopefully that's all she wrote.
Even if you would have found out it was a boy you would have got "oh good, one of each....you are done right?"  The rude comments never end unfortunately.  Congratulations!!  Enjoy those little princesses!!!  :D
The jujube BFF is by far my most favorite diaper bag I have used.  And I don't like diaper bags.  I never carry one with me, although I do leave stuff in my van just in case.  I am a minimalist.  It IS super spendy, but you can definitely find them used out there, the even have their own forum (crazy!).  http://shop.ju-ju-be.com/BFF-at-Ju-Ju-Be-in-PID10858-09FM02A.aspx  This is a backpack, that has a gazillion pockets while being super compact.   I agree that you...
That really stinks how water affects you.  Is this just a pregnancy thing?  Or an all the time thing?  The tea idea sounds fantastic.  I would essentially do whatever you can to get more H2O in your system and religiously avoid anything dehydrating, ie coffee and soda.  Big hugs!!!
I primarily use woven wraps, but am able to use all carriers with ease.  I have never heard of rings digging in, sounds like operator error.  I never, ever recommend pouches for a newborn.  Mostly newborns like to be carried upright and with pouches you can't get them snug enough to stay upright or in a true proper position.  Ringslings however are amazing at getting the newborn positioned well and are quite comfortable for the first few weeks, if not months!    I...
Oh and the bleach didn't ruin them, it just destroys them a lot faster than taking care of them like they should be.
I have boiled my diapers before, you can do more than 1 at a time, but the issue is you need to boil them for about 15 minutes.  It is VERY time consuming.  I personally would buy some Rockin' Green and soak them that way.  That stuff gets rid of the stinkies!  Also I have heard RLR gets rid of the stinkies as well, but I haven't tried it myself.  Have fun with your new stash!!!
Absofreakinlutely.  The amniotic fluid constantly replenishes itself and it needs a supply of water to do so...where does that come from?  You.  You should be drinking a butt ton of water.  If you don't like it, you need to figure out a way to enjoy it anyway.  Try adding a touch of juice to it, lemon, cucumber (like a spa water!).  I even like drinking water with some apple cider vinegar, it is very spunky.  You must, must, must start drinking water. 
I am due with a baby in November, so I am starting to homeschool now (during the summer).  That way I can figure out how it works before the baby enters the picture and also so I am head of the game and can take some time off when the baby arrives.  Other than that I have no advice.
I don't know if you have looked yet, but your best bet is to check the review section:  http://www.mothering.com/community/products/category/practitioners   And to also post in the Tribal Area!  There will be a bigger pool of people able to help you find a midwife or doctor you might like.  I hope you find someone you LOVE!
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