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I don't think there is any normal time frame.  You can even have it afterward if you don't know the sex and want to wait for more color specific items to get.  It just doesn't matter when they are, baby showers are fun and a blessing! 
I don't have any extra pillows.    Like literally.  None.  I don't like clutter and I don't like extra stuff for the kids to mess with.
This is my fifth pregnancy and I have never needed nor wanted a pregnancy pillow.  However I am shocked at how uncomfortable I already am at night and am wondering if this would be a good option for me.  Does anybody have one?  Which one and how do you like it?  Has anybody had one and hated it?  Any brands you think you would want to try?    We don't have any extra pillows or I would just put one between my legs.  So since I have to buy something anyway, I might as...
What is your religion?  A lot of these answers can be based on your own personal belief system.  When we have had questions, we use the Bible to answer those questions.  I have not read this myself, but my MIL loved the adult one.   http://www.amazon.com/Heaven-Real-Kids-Little-Astounding/dp/140031870X/ref=pd_sim_b_1
I would drive to see you or meet up in between as well.  At that point your kids would be sick.  I am desperate and think that i would drive within a 4 hour radius to make this happen.  I really appreciate your thoughtfulness! 
I'm disappointed in how many of you aren't offering any suggestions or help, but just saying "Don't do it!". Clearly something about formula is bothering this mama and she wants an alternative.  Here is another recipe for making your own "formula" from raw goat's milk.    To the OP, I would feel exactly the same way as you and would be looking into other avenues.  Don't feel guilty for wanting to get away from...
I am sure the placenta will move up as baby grows.  Please don't stress!!  HUGS!!!
Here is some info from Weston A. Price.  http://www.westonaprice.org/childrens-health/recipes-for-homemade-baby-formula   If you were to go for milk instead of formula, I would at least look into raw.  I would personally never switch out formula for processed milk.
  LOVE it!!!  My hubby loves that site, as a matter of fact my anniversary presents came from that site.  LOL!!  I am sure he will love it!
I am only still on my journey to picking out the exact school I want to attend.  But because our state has really high standards for licensing a midwife and our state midwifery association recommends it, I am only going through a school that is MEAC accredited.  For me, if you go by those schools, NMI is the least expensive.  The other distance education schools are Bastyr ($20,000 for the first year), College of Utah (for an associates $23,000), Birthwise ($30,000, plus...
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