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Are you still attending?  How are you liking it?!
Meeting in three days, on Wednesday at the Birth Place. From 10 a.m. until 12:30.  We have LOTS of carriers in our lending library, view them here: http://bwbozeman.creocommunico.com/?page_id=21
  I tried this as well as an "infected" t-shirt and it did not work.  The suckers were overnighted to me even, she sent like 6 so I could just keep giving them to my kids (this was a close friend of mine).  I am still on the look out for a CP party!
Hmmm...I see a chiro pretty regularly and saw a different one last month because of a certain issue.  Neither of the adjustments helped me in that arena.  :o(  I hate spending so much time in the bathroom and I really detest getting up 3 times a night, when my youngest is finally sleeping through the night.  I feel like I deserve a solid 8 hours with not having to get up.   Off to drink my iced mocha. 
  Well, if it makes you feel any better, I am so embarassed about my weight gain that I asked my midwife not to weigh me.  This is our fourth pregnancy/birth together so she trusts me and knows me really well.  But I cannot believe how fat I have gotten already.  I look like I am having triplets and it ain't the baby...it's just fat.   On a healthy note, how is everybody doing water wise??  I find myself not drinking a lot because I am super sick of peeing all the time. ...
I have never done it either.  But I am leaving for two weeks to go to Maine by myself.  So I have started planning to double two meals per week for 6 weeks.  That way my hubby has 12 meals ready to go.  Some of the things I am freezing (some we are canning) are Spagetti Sauce, Tomato Soup, Meatloaf, Acorn sqash stuffing, enchilada stuffing.  You can freeze most things.  We also have some easy meals planned, like hubby bbq'ing some chicken sausages from costco.   Also...
  Well, that's not massive weight gain.  Reading Hearts & Hands, she suggests one pound a week....which was like WOW, that isn't what everybody typically says!  I applaud you for doing what you are doing.  I think a lot of the weight we gain comes from what we are eating though.  How is that looking?
I have been doing egads better with my eating, but haven't got back into working out yet.  I am really starting to miss it.  I hula hooped yesterday and it was just sooo fun, I need to get back to running (well mostly walking at this point) and crossfit.
  Let me know how it goes, I am super curious what you think!
I wouldn't do it, but mainstream people say it's safe.  If you lean towards wanting to be totally chemical free while pregnant have you thought about Henna dying?   Oh, and I LOVE gray hair, so you won't catch me telling you to dye it.  I think you should sport it proudly period.    I have been trying to convince my mother of this for years.
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