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Just anything that sparks his interest!  My hubby is kind of a "mans man", so I was thinking of getting him an old school straight razor set.  In the past we really haven't given gifts, but just cards and making breakfast or giving that person some time to themselves.  This year he bought me some new shoes so I definitely want to reciprocate. 
I have heard some people like duck eggs for baking, it makes it more moist, but not so much on their own.  ??  Oikophile, did you eat them scrabbled or in something?  I would LOVE to try some!
Love it Thyme!!  We have our own chickens so I have no issues with eating raw egg yolks.  And we have resources here for raw milk which I am looking into.  I hear cashews can also be good in a smoothie, that's a good protein right?
The newborn period is the WORST for blowouts and ruining outfits.  It is actually the time I think it the most useful for having cloth, so the explosive poop is contained.  So if at all possible would avoid the disposables.   Personally I hate pockets.  They are my all time least favorite.  I never found that they contained anything any better.  Only the rumparooz were a little bit better because of the gussets.  However I despise stuffing them with a vengeance!  I...
   Nope, never noticed a difference.  Could always hear the heartbeat around the normal times. 
  Exactly my thoughts.  Maybe, maybe, start to rehash the name thing if you find out it's a boy.  But I would venture to guess your hubby is more likely to be open to different names if the idea comes from someone else, or he gets a lot of feedback from others that it's not the best decision.  Sometimes arguing over stuff only makes us more steadfast in what we want.  Know what I mean?
  Wool covers are by far my favorite.  I have had several friends purchase wool sweaters at the thrift store and then convert them to either covers or longies. They look lovely and work fantastic.  I personally am not too terribly crafty and also hate going thrift store shopping.      So, my favorites have been purchasing Kiwi Pies.  I also have a kissaluvs and sweet peas (which are no longer made).  We will probably do almost exclusively wool.  I am even thinking of...
  This really sucks.  I have had it twice and didn't feel those babies until around 21 weeks.  :(  So if you are doing an ultrasound, you might possibly find out that you do indeed have anterior placenta before you even feel the baby kick.    But don't be jealous, the real fun movements aren't until after that anyway.  It's nice to know baby is alright by the twitches, but there is also a lot of uncertainty with that "is it the baby?  is it gas?" whereas when the are...
  Unfortunately I think most docs don't discuss much of nutrition with their patients.  Yes, you absolutely need tons of protein.  After getting used to lowering the carbs and adding in the protein you will notice how much better you feel.  Having more protein and watching what you eat can ward of so many issues with pregnancy it's ridiculous, yet it's not something that is discussed much.  In reality I think docs and midwifes should be asking what your meals are like at...
  That was a smart idea.  I had also emailed babycatcher to see how she was doing and if she was coming back to our DDC (I had no idea that she lost her baby).  I hope she is doing okay.  Much love if you are reading this mama.
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