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We purchased the Boulevard and love it. We put my son in it when he was 15 lbs and haven't had a single problem. I know he can see past the wings, he even looks over to his sister and makes her smile while we are driving (he is forward, she is rear facing). I highly recommend it. I know that he will fit into it for a long time (I am pretty sure it goes up to 60 lbs), so we are planning on just buying our baby girl one of her own to grow up with. Worth every penny!
I have an energetic 2 1/2 yr old boy, who is driving me CRAZY!! He refuses to actually play with any of his toys anymore, I am starting to think they aren't age appropriate and not challenging enough for him. He simply dumps out everything (and I mean everything), then searches around the house for something else to destroy. I have tried playing with him with his toys. I do several activities with him throughout the day. . .play outside, walk around the neighborhood,...
It will get better, just stick with it. I agree with the practicing, and not just at night when you are so exhausted. Remember to curl in your knees and don't arch your back (it will start killing you after a few days). This position takes some experience and once you get the hang of it your baby will find the nipple itself and you will be able to snooze the night away. I coslept/nursed in bed with my son for about 7 months and am doing the same with my 5 month old...
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