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    What were the other reasons for the c-sections?  Maybe we can make you feel better about your body.  :D
Not flu, but I did have food poisoning once when I was pregnant.  I threw up for almost an entire day, ended up in the emergency room.  They had to put 3 bags of fluid in me in the first hour or something I was THAT dehydrated and then several drugs to keep me from vomiting.  It was a horrible experience, all that to say....baby was just fine.  ;o)  I am sure you little peanut is okay.  Please try to relax, get some rest and get over it quickly.
My first appointment was schedule on the 26th, so around 12 weeks along.  But I am heading in on Monday to talk to my midwife about possible adrenal fatigue.  We did lab tests because of my exhaustion and I am not anemic, so we are hoping it's my adrenals.  She is also going to palpate my tummy to make sure I am not reading ahead for twins.  I don't think it's even a possibility, but it will be nice to rule that out!
For any baby, no matter how many you have.  You need only a few things: clothes, diapers, boobs, carseat and a baby carrier.  Everything else seemed to be put by the wayside for me.  Having the double stroller for me was only useful after the baby was over 6 months or even older than that, as infants should really be attached to mama!
    Thread wasn't meant to attack to those who did/do early or any ultrasounds, I was just hoping there were some mama's who didn't.    I really don't want to do anything this time around at all.  And it seems awfully silly, but we want to find out the gender.  We have 4 kids in a 1165 square foot house already.  The girls room is quite a bit bigger than the boys, so we will need to switch rooms around if this one is a boy.  And since we have harsh winters it's something...
Sounds like a ton of us have had early ultrasounds. I would like to know if anybody is avoiding them all together or only doing the 20/21 week one?
Did you have an anterior placenta?  Where it is on the front of your uterus?  I didn't feel two of my babies until 21 weeks because of this.  So maybe you will feel your baby earlier!
Is there anything else besides Iron Levels that can make you/us feel this exhausted?  I emailed my midwife and told her how I was doing and she wants me to do my blood panel early, she said she has a few "ideas".  I am seriously sitting on the couch, just falling asleep.  I find that eating constantly helps, but I don't want to eat, so that is making it more difficult!  I feel for all of you!
I think the earliest is around 13 weeks.  So either you are further along, you are feeling something else or you are having phantom kicks!  Sorry for the disappointing news, but there is no way at 8 weeks you are feeling the baby.  For what it's worth I am as far along and I swear I feel the baby as well.  But I think it's just being hopeful!
So sorry mama!  I also hope your miscarriage is quick and painless.  :(
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