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Welcome!!  My first two kids were 2 years apart and it was wonderful!  I found the older was old enough to know what was going on and love the baby, but not old enough to feel replaced or jealous!  Then again, that same older child is the best big brother and is SUPER excited about his fourth sibling, so maybe it's just his personality.    Congratulations on the early surprise!  :D
Your story has nothing to do with lack of guts.  Sounds as if you have very valid reasons for not doing a homebirth after a c-section, the hospital transfer would be very traumatic!  You have a great plan and I am sure you will get your homebirth someday!!  Your birth this time around will be amazing if you have the support you need, it doesn't matter where you will be!!!
  It really sucks.  I am not throwing up, but I don't want to eat anything.  So I feel like I have to take a vitamin to keep some nutrients in me.
I am with the other posters and am glad you opted to wait for a natural miscarriage.  Because there might not be a miscarriage at all, I definitely don't want to give you false hope, but sometimes these guys are just wrong.  I had a friend whose HCG numbers were too low and was told to abort the baby...guess what?  40 weeks later, healthy happy baby girl.  If you do experience a loss, I am so very sorry and hope that you conceive again soon if that is your wish. But for...
I'm gonna risk being a total pain and say, make sure the folic acid is a form of B9 folate.  ;)  There is a huge difference between folic acid and folate!  :D  http://www.naturalnews.com/033273_folate_folic_acid.html and http://chriskresser.com/folate-vs-folic-acid   I realize many of you might already know this, but I wanted to point it out for those who don't.
  Thanks for clarifying!!  I know that you really want to get a good vitamin, or else it's really pointless to take.  Luckily I have no issues swallowing or keeping down the horse pills.    
We are definitely planning one!  It will be our third homebirth.  Last baby was born in the water in the same house.  I am really excited.  Luckily the midwife pretty much brings everything so there isn't much to plan for except to have the house clean.  My issues right now is trying to figure out when the baby will come.  I have a school session in November and am worried I will miss it.  :(
Totally worth it to spring for a tub in my opinion!  We rented one for $200, called a tub in a box or something from someone local.  Just went to do some research the other day and it turns out you can purchase one for around that cost.  The hospital grade one is more expensive, but you don't need that unless you are going to rent out the tub yourself.  It has a seat in the tub that I used a ton with our last birth.  It was soooo deep too and felt ridiculously sturdy.
Sky, did you find out if indeed there are twins?!
We are still nursing strong, but it HURTS!!!!  Is everybody going to try to stick with it for as long as they can or start the weaning process?  I am torn on what to do....
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