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Are the flinestones food based or biovailable?  http://www.nutritional-supplement-truths.com/bioavailability-of-nutritional-supplements.html
Sometimes mamas can sleep between contractions, that is what I did for my 1st even though it was the daytime, it really helped me keep rested.  Did you friend have any good labor support?  How long was her labor?  Was she able to move around, eat and drink?  Was it induced?  SOOO many factors come into play with getting fatigued.  Most women get a 2nd wind when they are ready to push, lots of hormones are cooking up and doing wonders for the mama.  Having good labor...
I really don't remember my LMP, so I think I am due on Nov 16th, which really means I am due Nov 30th.  All my kids have been about 2 weeks late.  I was thinking of doing an early ultrasound to date the baby, but we like to stick with as little interventions as possible, so we will just go with fundal height and see how it goes!  :D
My third birth was with an epidural and I hated it.  I felt like I couldn't control my own body.  Not being able to pee on your own (having a catheter in), having to ask for help to move from side to side, not being able to feel half my body, not being able to feel when I was needing to push, having to recover for hours because I couldn't walk on my own.  The whole thing was just terrible in my opinion.  I wouldn't take away the way a birth feels for anything, the pain,...
How did you know so quickly you are having twins?  I looked (hoped) for a thread that you talked about it, but didn't find one.  Sorry that's off topic.  I am super curious!   On topic:  We are hoping for a boy.  We have: boy, girl, boy, girl....so it would be cool to go along with the pattern.  LOL.
Quick little note about it, not a very extensive research base, but interesting nevertheless:  http://mobile.journals.lww.com/jnr-twna/_layouts/oaks.journals.mobile/abstractviewer.aspx?year=2012&issue=03000&article=00010   I am also nursing a toddler, 19 months old.  I hope to continue on, but honestly I have no idea.  I have always weaned at this point with the other pregnancies as my milk supply simply died.  I am eating SOO much better now than other times and am...
Yay!!  Another fellow pregnant Crossfitter!!  :D  I am right there with you and plan to continue until my body says to stop.  I am doing the Games right now just for fun and plan to pick up my running as soon as I find my iPod.  I am not worried whatsoever about working out while pregnant.  Did you know there is a Crossfit Mom/Pregnancy board?  
Go No 'Poo!  No Shampoo that is!  Use a bit of baking soda to wash your hair and then apple cider vinegar to "condition".  Sooooo inexpensive and if you allow it will improve your hair health!
Quit buying stuff.  Use freecycle.com or swapmamas.com, post an ISO in your local moms groups and offer to trade for the item you need.
Hunt.  Eat Meat.  (please remember this thread is about being frugal not about lambasting each other for personal decisions, I know most of you are vegetarians and vegans, just trying to show the other side of it)  Most animals that we choose to eat, graze off of lands where we can NOT grow crops.  Living in an area that allows it, purchasing a "tag" and responsibly hunting has allowed my household to eat frugally and healthfully.  We avoid mass produced meats, which are...
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