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Quote: Originally Posted by E.V. Lowi She sound abusive, to be honest. Inconsiderate, self-centered, and annoying maybe, but abusive? Really? That seems a little harsh.
I really liked the first 2 episodes, but the last two were soooooo bad I stopped watching. Car chases, shoot outs, dragging the beautiful but bound and gagged young woman around and threatening to kill her, more car chases, stupid computer hacking scenes, lame dialogue ("he'll never, ever stop looking for me!"), blech. Boring, formulaic, and not enough the of the aliens. Too bad, I had high hopes. Of course, if I don't like it it's sure to be a hit. (RIP Flashforward)
Ditto the contacts. Sunglasses. My eyes are really light sensitive. Something to occupy my mind: books, NPR. A way to wash my hair. I cannot stand dirty hair. I suppose I could learn to live w/o these things, but I wouldn't want to...
Quote: Originally Posted by Starflower The only thing that has helped end the hours-long freak-outs has been to gently refuse to discuss it at all or change it into humor. (Such as "We've already discussed that and we don't have any new information. Sorry.") This technique works really well in our house.
A mash-up of Lost and Flash Forward, both of which I loved, so I'll keep watching.
Look into tamarack. Not as pretty as cedar, but nearly as sturdy.
Good Neighbors As Time Goes By
Lilacs. Hands down.
Quote: Originally Posted by nextcommercial LOL.. I don't think anybody that is smoking at a playground needs to hear polite words. I wouldn't worry about hurting their feelings. Why NOT be polite, at least at first? Modelling good manners and all...
Quote: Originally Posted by SubliminalDarkness I get what you're saying. I don't want my kids around smoke, either. But someone DOES have the right to smoke unless there's a law or policy that says otherwise. Sure, you can ask someone not to smoke if you want to, but they can very easily say "no" and there's nothing inherently wrong with that. I hate cigarette smoke, but I agree with this.
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