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[QUOTE=rhiOrion;15728470] I'd trade the beer for liquor (since it takes up less room).QUOTE] This just cracked me up! I want to camp with you.
Yes, I would
I like my Dyson. It cost $300, but it doesn't need bags or new filters, so you save $$$ over the long run.
Pour some hot sauce mixed with water in a spray bottle and spray it all over the garden. Works like a charm. The earwigs hate it!
Quote: Originally Posted by Heavenly I wouldn't deal with it at all. Performing (or public speaking) are not a necessary part of life (despite what school tries to teach you) and some people don't like it. I would let her have fun practicing but tell her that she absolutely does not have to perform. Perhaps taking the pressure off will help her want do it. Or maybe she just really doesn't want to. I wouldn't worry about it at all. Love...
Quote: Originally Posted by Latte Mama Maybe she was having a great day too. Maybe she doesn't care about anyone else's kid getting hurt. Why cut her some slack when the OP's kid has a bruised face???? Cut her some slack because you don't know anything about her. Cut her some slack because everybody needs to be cut some slack every once in a while. Cut her some slack because the OP is never going to see her again, and it won't hurt her in...
The mom's response was less than ideal, but who knows...maybe she was embarassed, or overwhelmed (I had a 3yo hitter and I was overwhelmed most of the time), or was having a bad day and wasn't able to craft a more "appropriate" response at that moment. Or all of the above. Cut her some slack and let it go.
Quote: Originally Posted by childsplay Here too. My kids use ropes as pulleys, 'mountain' climbing aids, for towing things, booby traps....if they can think of it, they do it. Yep. Ds can play with rope for hours!
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