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Quote: Originally Posted by eepster DS enjoys school. At school DS gets to be more independent. If mommy and/or daddy are available he "can't" do XYZ. As soon as he's in a room full of other kids all doing XYZ for themselves he will also do it for himself. He learns/hears/sees a different perspective/perception/point of view from my own. He gets to meet children and make friends independently from me. I get 3 hours each day to run errands, relax, work,...
Quote: Originally Posted by earthmama4 Currently I am really enjoying reading the perspectives of adults with ASD as they reflect on their childhoods and what worked for them and what didn't and also just gaining insight on why they do the things they do. The effect for me has been a lot of fear has been erased as I see these very real, thinking, feeling people who just have a different way of relating to the world. It helps me to see inside my son just...
Quote: Originally Posted by lotusdebi I think you are taking your individual child, and expecting every other child to be a carbon copy. My kids are nothing like your kid. My kids respond in their ways. What works for your child won't work for mine. Maybe, one day, you'll have a difficult child and realize that it wasn't your parenting that caused your child to behave, but that your child simply made parenting easy for you. You wouldn't be the first at...
Quote: Originally Posted by chinaKat The other family encouraged the children to sing. Loudly. Often. What you've described here would bother me. A lot.
Quote: Originally Posted by ollyoxenfree I would check newspaper archives for a 24-month period in the decades that interest you and look for their television listings. Pick the 2nd or 3rd week of every month, and select 2 mid-week days and Saturday and Sundays. If the newspaper on-line databases aren't accessible, do you have a resource library with a microfiche collection nearby? This! A good reference librarian can help you.
Quote: Originally Posted by THANKFULFORFIVE Parades. I honestly don't know what it is about parades that makes me cry...! Wow, me too! But for me it's the marching bands. Weird...
Another vote for GO! Your kids will be just fine.
I swear by down coats. My whole family wears them, and it's the only thing that keeps me truly warm.
Burlington is a great little city. The science museum there (ECHO) is great and very kid friendly.
DS was 10 months old when he spent two nights at his grandparents so DH and I could take advantage of a free trip to Quebec. There were no problems and I'm glad we did it.
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