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We like Coromega. It comes in and orange/chocolate flavor.
I was completely out when mine were removed. It was fast and easy with no side effects. I couldn't stand the sound and the feel, even if there isn't any pain with local.
Quote: Originally Posted by DariusMom Moreover, two weeks is a really short time to make friends and get adjusted, especially to more reserved kids...DS has gone through periods of exclusion, too, and he's been at the same school since pre-K/K but his favorite friend got moved ahead and he and the other two boys from his pre-K/K class just don't really "click" anymore. It's tough as he struggles to make friends with the other kids....I don't know about...
Quote: Originally Posted by loraxc Instead I am pointing out that there is certainly no 1:1 correlation where a kid who eats like that is bound to be obsessed and feel deprived or something, as some posters seem to be implying. She just isn't that interested. I could try to claim it's because we've raised her right but I suspect some of this is biological or inborn. I agree with this.
[QUOTE=Bluegoat;14386475]Hmmm. Well, in the past the kids I've seen who were really obsessed with candy all came from homes where it was very restricted in the home- either not at all or maybe a small amount once a week. ...So maybe if you made these treats "normal" it might help? Not for snacks, maybe, but for dessert after his supper, for instance. So it's part of the meal and doesn't become somehow emotionally laden - normal in moderation?QUOTE] This was my plan...
Quote: Originally Posted by StrawberryFields HELP!! Is it possible to have an uncontrollable, inborn desire for sugar? What is happening here and what can I do?! I don't have much advice, but wanted you to know that I could have written your post, for the most part. I think my 7yo son may have what his OT calls "low arousal" and uses sugar to give himself more energy. We push the protein snacks (boiled eggs, nuts, cheese) and that takes the...
Quote: Originally Posted by 2xy To be honest, I don't really understand posting something like this publicly if you only expect congratulatory comments. Obviously, not everyone is going to agree with everything that we all do. If you only want positive feedback, maybe you should only tell your closest friends about stuff like this. This.
Quote: Originally Posted by *Erin* if anything im grateful someone has popped out of their own world for a moment to offer me what i think is a very kind little civility. im always happy for a blessing-i accept them from whomever wants to bestow them. . Yes, and I do think it's a reflection on the person who is offering the blessing, and not on the person being spoken to. If someone says god bless you, that doesn't mean that they assume you...
Quote: Originally Posted by alexsam I always think Eurovans are fun. The seating arrangement seems like it would be fun. Kinda like a small room. Yes, that was my suggestion too.
Quote: Originally Posted by aniT Not really. After awhile it get tiring to have "god" shoved down your throat all.... the.... time! Someone saying "god bless" in your presence is shoving the concept of god down your throat?
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