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I'm not at all a religious or even "spiritual" person, but "god bless" doesn't bother me. It's easy to overlook, and the person saying it is usually trying to be kind. Not worth getting upset over, imo.
Geronimo Stilton!
Quote: Originally Posted by alexsam IAs for extroversion being the norm- I do think it is a default setting.". I read somewhere that extroverts outrank introverts 4 to 1. Anyone else heard that?
Quote: Originally Posted by Momma Aimee I know adoption is or can be a big challange ... but ... I think some pople are too fast to assume every challange is rooted in the adoption when in many cases, it is -- or could be -- just the child. yk? Speaking as a person who was adopted as an infant and is raising a son who I adopted at birth, I do know, and I agree. Completely. People like to have concrete reasons why things are the way they are,...
Quote: Originally Posted by mata IMO, internet "social networking" has done nothing but damage the quality of human connection-I hear you too! A strong statement from someone who has over 4,000 posts!
Kiss My Face Sun Spray
Word Girl, Charlie & Lola, Kipper, and Curious George are favorites in our house
Quote: Originally Posted by DaughterOfKali My son is 6 and still can't pedal properly. Mine too.
Quote: Originally Posted by loraxc I find it kind of weird how kids all seem to have to learn things younger and younger these days. I learned to swim at 6 and to ride a bike at 7, and heaven knows I am competent at both, but everyone seems to think these skills are necessary at 4 nowadays. I couldn't agree more. Some kids just aren't ready to do these very physical things (swimming, bike rding. etc.) when they're very young.
You might try to find a place on Peaks Island, which is part of Portland.
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