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I've done business with Scalamandre, but I work for a museum. It certainly wasn't for my house!
Quote: Originally Posted by Evan&Anna's_Mom I guess I just don't see a birthday, child's or adult's, as being enough to take over a whole day. If my child's birthday falls on a weekday, we all still go to work or school. I agree. Would you really be celebrating every minute of the entire day? Probably not. Ask him to come home as early as he possibly can and then celebrate officially.
DH and I loved it, but it was too slow and subtle for the 4yo and 6 yo we were with, and we actually had to leave a little early. There's very little dialog, and the kids liked it at first, but lost interest after the first hour. Better for kid with longer attention spans, I guess.
Dh and I liked it but the 4.5 and 6 yo we were with got bored and antsy after about an hour. There's very little dialog, and a lot of the story is subtle...too suble to sustain them for 1 hour 45 minutes. We actually left a little early. I'd say better for older kids, or kids with long attention spans.
Quote: Originally Posted by Sarahbunny Speaking for myself only, I never thought at all about my birth certificate not being accurate - I was adopted at birth and truly it never once crossed my mind that my mother didn't actually give birth. I looked at it as a record of my birth and of my parents - not a record of someone giving birth. I mean, I knew she didn't - I'm not saying I was confused. I just never gave it any thought really. Which is why I...
I'd let her go. It may be your MIL/FIL/SIL+two kids, but they're her grandmother, grandfather, aunt, and cousins, and, as you said, she'd have a great time. It sounds like they love her and would take good care of her.
Quote: Originally Posted by mamamilkers Also, were you sure the other little boy was six? We have a 3 yo DD, when she was 3 1/2 we took her somewhere and a dad with two girls, a little older than our DD, was sitting right by us. He said, "how old is your DD, six?" "Um, no" my DF said "she's three". People are always expecting her to act in a way more mature than her age because she looks older. Also, I find this to be a perfect learning experience....
Quote: Originally Posted by mommy68 you will come to find that when dealing with kids in public school that you will run in to all kinds of people. That's one reason my kids have only attended private school. That way I know the people who go there are paying for their child's education like I am and they are likely to be good people...I'm just saying that public schools have kids of all kinds in them and some parents are very bad to their kids and it...
There are a few girls in my ds' K class that talk about which boys in the class they are going to marry. The boys seems pretty oblivious to the whole thing, or at least they don't talk about it.
[QUOTE=kmeyrick;10725164I wish there were more male teachers, I really do.[/QUOTE] Me too! In ds elementary school there are exactly two men on the staff: the custodian and the man who drives the school van.
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