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You do have to love the internet....Counting Crows released a single cd of the song.
Oops, I meant to ask, who is it doing a cover of the song?
I love that song...yes, it is Joni Mitchell. A Canadian legend!
I just mix flour with cold water in a small jar and shake like mad before adding it to whatever you are thickening to gravy. hth
I am not a big poster, but this caught my eye because my dp and I have picked up the expression 'achooliboo' when ds sneezes. Where it came from I don't know, but ds used to think it was quite funny, and it stuck
I don't think I have ever heard of bm increasing phleghm, though I do understand that cow's milk can. I am not sure why the bm would upset his stomach though. hmm. good luck, and a bump so other moms might help.
I so rarely chime in on discussions, by ye gads, your dr really advised you to not nurse a sick baby? I would suggest listening to the nurse, because yes, your milk *will* help him get better. Maybe consider changing your dr too. Did he say why you should stop nursing him? Yeesh. I am sure some other mamma's here will say something the same.... hope your little one is better soon.
Just chiming in because I recently (three days ago) had a root canal, and in my case, no antibiotic was prescribed. It was cleaned and a temporary seal is on the tooth. I had no pain going in for the procedure, and there was no sign of infection beyond the tooth (that has already happened, and is another story!). HTH.
I do half and half as well, and here is the recipe in case you want to try it: Cup of lukewarm water 1 T of sugar 1 T of yeast combine and let work about 10 minutes, then add: 1 t salt 1 T butter or oil about two and a half or so cups of flour start by adding one cup of WW and beat the heck out of it. then add a bit more WW and the white gradually and knead until smooth (about 5-10 minutes). Spread out in pizza pan (I use this amount for one round pizza,...
Here is a link to a discussion on the topic, with some referencing. You could also just type marijuana and breastfeeding into google and browse the comebacks. It is difficult to get balanced information on the subject. Reefer Madness still abounds, I think. Use good sence and judgement, including legal ramifications, esp. if you live in the US. http://www.hipforums.com/thread-53-1...enumber=4.html
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