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Yup! I totally second Kefir! My 2 yo DD absolutely LOVES it! We mix about 16 ounces with a couple of frozen strawberries and a banana. It's our favorite! ~Rachel
kaylasclothkits.com has aplix
Quote: Originally Posted by IndigoKoi Oh- one more stupid question- is it only polyester fleece that will work? Or other kinds of fleece too? Other fleece, like bamboo or cotton are absorbent so babe will FEEL the wetness. If that doesn't matter to you, then by all mean, use that! The texture/knit of fleece fabric keeps it from fraying. HTH ~Rachel
Quote: Originally Posted by IndigoKoi I used to be able to sew, but our machine broke ages ago and we never got another one. My mom can sew well, maybe I can rope her into making some fleece liners. Afterall, she would do anything for her one and only grandson! Oh! Sorry! I should have said! No need to SEW fleece liners. Poly fleece won't fray, so just cut and your done! GL! ~Rachel
Quote: Originally Posted by IndigoKoi Thank you ladies for your responses! So, my question with the squirt bottle or sprayer... you basically just spray the poop off using the pressure from the water? B/c in my head that seems messy... and you would need a lot of water pressure to get smooshed poop off? I will also check into liners. Any particular brand of liners you recommend or are they all pretty much the same? If you are at all handy, you...
Yup! Just snap or lay an insert into the Wool Cover and it's an WI2 (wool-in-two!) I have pics on my site. I'm pretty sure I know what your talking about =D Just make a regular diaper out of wool fabric and add some snaps to the inside if you want the insert to snap-in! ~Rachel
Yup! I've done both, natural and dyed. I keep a close on eye on the dyed ones though, because as PP said, they can really fade! ~Rachel
You could always do either disposable liners or just a thing piece of fabric. Fleece is good at releasing poo. HTH ~Rachel
You should be able to use pretty much any pattern you want. Just make sure it's a fuller cut to cover the snappi'd or pinned flats that you are using. I make WI2's out of 95/5 Wool Interlock/Lycra blend that I get from Naturesfabrics.com It is AWESOME and I LOVE it! ~Rachel
I would say YES! But I love to babywear. When DD was a little bity thing, I carried her in the ring sling or wrap for probably 10 of the 12 hours she was awake. Everybody told me that holding her all the time was going to slow her development into crawling and walking. Well, she was sitting alone at 4 months and crawling at 6 months. At 8 months she was walking holding onto my pinky. Now at 11 months she walks very well by herself. If anything I think carrying her all the...
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