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My 5.5 year old is a little bigger than your daughter, 37lbs and 41.5inches. He's booster training in a highback turbobooster with safety surround. It fits him beautifully and he's not even in the lowest setting so I'm guessing it would be a good fit for your dd. the lap belt is nice and low and he sits really well so we'be been using it in the five minute trip to and from school. I wouldn't used a backless booster for a petite, brand new booster rider. The back really...
For me, being goofy, offering a variety of choices, etc are for non-negotiable things. If we HAVE to be dressed and in the car at a certain time (and there are days we don't) they are told of that ahead of time, given a warning to wrap up what they're doing and then the choice is: put on your own clothes or I will help you put them on. I find the more I try to coax them something that isn't actually negotiable the more upset they get. So if I were to say, they don't havea...
My oldest is a talker, like you describe your dd. Everything that crosses his mind comes out his mouth and he needs a response to it. He never.stops.talking. And I'm an introvert, it makes me insane. A play based preschool really helps, it gives him a chance to interact with adults who aren't me and it gives me both a break and a chance to appreciate the fact that's he's really a very charming, bright, friendly kid (his teachers love him) and he's learning about taking...
I'm five feet with a relatively long torso and I found the ergo terribly bulky. I can use it for a back carry for a toddler but I hate it for smaller babies and front carries. I had a beco butterfly that fit well but I didn't care for the panel, it took a lot longer to put on. With DS2 I finally ended up with an Angelpack which I love. It's slimmer and you can cross the back straps which helps with fit and bulk.
I'm in marlborough and after numerous tries,including southborou medical which was awful, we finally ended up driving to Acton Medical to see Dr. Cooper. He's amazing, super laid back and I believe his wife's a lactation consultant. Totally worth the drive.
For me, personally, at three I would keep a kid who fits RFing but I probably wouldn't buy a new seat to keep RFing. Unless you're dying to buy a new seat which I certainly understand. I turned DS1 FFing at 3.5 in DHs car and he still fit RFing.
My feeling/plan is while they're still taking baths, as opposed to showers, just sitting in water hanging out is all the cleaning they really need. I'm also fairly sure at some point whether he's currently interested or not, he'll start exploring his penis and then a simple reminder to wash your hair, wash your butt, wash your penis, is totally fine. I don't really think he's going to need explicit instructions.  
We do one piece fleece snowsuits until they're 2 or 3. Big bulky ones are hard to move in even for much bigger kids and they're not safe for the carseat so you need a secondary coat anyway. We've used Carter's fleece, Old Navy, LL Bean and Lands End. I find the LL Bean and Lands End better for kids who are actually outside playing in the snow frequently and they usually have fold over hand and foot covers.  
I'm also sorry about your loss and I'm sure it must be incredibly hard for the entire family.   I was an only child with an elaborate imaginary family. I had them for years, added on as I went, drew pictures of them, wrote stories about them and spent pretty much all my free time pretending to have adventures with them. Somewhere along the line I learned to keep the imaginary siblings out of the classroom and stuck to imaginary games that my friends also liked...
We have a Mazda 5 with two kids. It works really well for us. If I know other people are going to be riding with us, I put one or both kids in the third row, flip one of the captains chairs to buckle them and then load passengers. I can get and buckle some combo of four (RFing and FFing) carseats in it but I wouldn't want to have to do it everyday.
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