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We went home for Thanksgiving and handed out copies of this picture to our parents and siblings on both sides. It was so fun to watch everyone put it together. I posted it on Facebook this weekend, so we're all public now. I'll definitely be in maternity clothes before Christmas.
I'm taking a prenatal gummy.  I'm sure it's not high quality, but it's easy for me to take consistently and doesn't upset my stomach.  I also take calcium in the mornings (Adora), and fish oil, floradix, and a probiotic in the evenings.
Are you taking a magnesium supplement like Natural Calm?  That's a pretty good natural way to help with constipation. 
-Name: flower of bliss -Age: 33 -EDD: July 9 -Location: TX -1st child/2nd/3rd...: 4th child - DD1 is 7 (8 in Aug), DD2 is 4 (5 in Aug), and DD3 is 14 months -Baby's sex: We'll probably find out at 20ish weeks. We always have. I was dead certain my first two were girls, but I was certain DD3 was a boy. I'm glad I had the 20 Weeks to adjust. I was thrilled to be having a third girl, but there was this other child I was sure was in my family that I was almost mourning. This...
I drink about 6-18 oz of coffee (some half caffinated) a day throughout pregnancy too Kitty. I drank decaf during my first pregnancy, but I haven't switched this time, or the last 2. I often cut back pretty significantly during the first trimester just because it makes me nauseous, but I haven't cut it out full time and I feel ok about that.
I did 10 days of placenta smoothies and encapsulated the rest after my last birth. I have every intention of doing it again. I felt like it made a big difference in recovery and mood. My births have all been fast (4hrs, 6hrs, and lastly 40 minutes!!!). I have weeks and weeks of prelabor first, but the births have been quick. My biggest concerns about the birth (and pregnancy and having a newborn) right now are about my DD3 still being so little. I don't have local family...
Sounds good turtle.  Hope it goes well.
Sorry Turtle, I don't have a good answer.  I told her I was scheduled to have some dental work done.  She hedged, but told me if it really needed to be done I could.  I asked if it would be better to wait until the second trimester and she responded quickly and positively that it would be.  It was one of several things we were discussing on the phone quickly and quietly while I was shut in my bathroom behind the closed bedroom door too so my kids couldn't hear.  It was the...
I need to do some dental work too. It was scheduled for early Dec, but after discussing it briefly with my midwife I've decided to wait until the second trimester.
This is likely my last pregnancy.  DH and I always said at least 2, no more than 4.  Here I sit pregnant with #4.  He's already suggested a vasectomy during the pregnancy, which I nixed for now.  This was a surprise pregnancy with DD3 only 13months old, after every other pregnancy was achieved with fertility treatment, so suddenly we're both thinking about prevention in the future.  I'm still trying to wrap my head around actually being pregnant.  I hope I can get to a...
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